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Earlier this year, UEFA launched its 2030 Football Sustainability Strategy – titled ‘Strength through Unity’ – with the mission to inspire, activate and accelerate collective action to meet the human rights and the environment in the context of European football. The strategy contains 11 policies, one of which focuses on the circular economy.

The circular economy is a concept that aims to change our current consumption model (“Take-Make-Waste”) towards a circular model that radically reduces the use of raw materials for the manufacturing process; the amount of plastic discarded and food wasted; and the impact on biodiversity.

In the context of UEFA, the circular economy refers to optimizing the consumption and life cycle of products, including food, packaging and branded items throughout UEFA’s operations and events. UEFA. Our ambition for 2030 is to embed the so-called ‘4R approach’ – built around reduce, reuse, recycle and recover – into all operations to minimize football’s impact on the environment. and promote resource efficiency and cost savings.

Alongside the celebration of Zero Waste Week around the world, UEFA is launching its own circular economy guidelines. The document is made up of three sections: an introduction to the concept of circular economy and the 4Rs framework – best practices and factsheets in food and drink by various football stakeholders and an overview of future areas interest of the circular economy: energy and water, clothing and football equipment, and event materials (signage, brand production and furniture & IT equipment).

The Guidelines will help national associations, leagues, clubs, event organizers and other football stakeholders to start the journey towards the ambitious goal of zero plastic waste and food waste – within UEFA, across UEFA events and in collaboration across European football – by 2030.

Circular Economy Webcast

On September 7, UEFA will organize a special event with two round tables on the circular economy, from 11:00 to 12:00 CET.

After an introduction by the moderator, Pedro Pinto, a first panel will discuss the circular economy from a strategic angle, highlighting the opportunities for collaborative solutions in the European football landscape.


Michele UvaDirector of Football and Social Responsibility, UEFA

Catherine StenholmDirector of Sustainable Development, PepsiCo Europe

Charlie MarshallCEO, European Club Association (ECA)

Subsequently, the UEFA guidelines on the circular economy will be briefly presented by Philippe VeglioFRS senior expert, UEFA.

A second panel will then look at the challenges and opportunities related to the implementation of the Guidelines among football stakeholders.


Emmanuelle MayorHead of Circular Economy Unit, Directorate General for the Environment (DG ENV), European Commission

Anders KjaerFSR manager, Danish Football Association (DBU)

Ricardo CavalhoSports Facilities and Asset Manager, FC Porto

Emilie Bolvikenprofessional football player, Lyn FC

Vincent Reuletenvironmental expert FRS, UEFA

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