Yorktown Beach Hotel Receives Distinguished Business Award for Growth and Investment

(York County Department of Economic Development and Tourism)

YORKTOWN – At York County’s annual Distinguished Business Affair, Yorktown Beach Hotel won the 2023 Distinguished Business Award, presented by the Economic Development Authority (EDA) and the Department of Economic and Tourism Development (ETD).

This award is given to growing businesses that make significant investments in York County.

“I am flattered and very grateful for this honor, and for all the help York County has
has been provided to us over the past few years,” said Matt Bowry, Managing Partner of MA Bowry & Company and owner of the property, “It is truly a testament to all the hard work of my team members, all coming together to make this project a success.

Yorktown Beach Hotel, formerly Duke of York, is the only beachfront hotel in the Greater Williamsburg area.

In 2021, Bowry, along with his investors, became the official owner of the property. They had big renovation ideas, planned in phases over the next few years, but the very first change was to the name.

“I knew it might be controversial with some of our legacy guests who have been coming here for generations,” Bowry said, “But I felt strongly that we needed potential guests to know right away that we are a hotel at the waterfront; in fact, we are the only ones in the Historic Triangle.

The subsequent move also turned heads for long-time guests and locals alike. Bowry decided to demolish the restaurant space and create a modern lobby in its place.

“The restaurant was in bad shape and needed a lot of work,” Bowry said. “Also, our parking is limited and the restaurant was competing with the hotel for available spots.”

The Yorktown Beach Hotel now features a completely renovated first floor of the main and largest building on the property, new windows along the front facade, a new coat of paint and a renovated swimming pool where the old plastic balcony furniture has been replaced by a high-end assortment. chairs – providing an optimal beach gazing experience.

(York County Department of Economic Development and Tourism)

“My fiancée, Ferren Wolfe, is an interior designer and she was remarkably important to the renovation,” Bowry said. “Her vision and talent really make her who she is. I can’t wait to see his room makeover ideas come to fruition.

A new breakfast area and market will open soon.

As well as upgrading the rooms, Bowry said he had high hopes of bringing back the rooftop terrace that was part of the original hotel in the 70s.

Bowry attributes the success of the relaunched hotel to his team, community and county staff.
“I’m only a small part of the success we’ve had,” Bowry said. “Our team, especially long-time staff members Leelee King and Gill McCauley, have been extremely instrumental in our efforts to bring this hotel back to life. County staff have also been very helpful and supportive from the start.

(Yorktown Beach Hotel)

The financial assistance provided by the EDA allowed Bowry to upgrade the windows and replace the chairs on the balcony. Additionally, Bowry said the many waterfront events help bolster his business and others by bringing much-needed exposure to the area.

“The county is focused on the continued improvement of the historic area, from Riverwalk Landing to the beach picnic area and up the hill on Main Street,” said Kristi Olsen-Hayes, director of the county economic and tourism development department. “Our EDA is also focused on retaining long-standing businesses in our legacy industries. So helping Mr. Bowry revive the aging hotel and choosing the Yorktown Beach Hotel as this year’s winner made perfect sense. We are delighted to see this tourism asset refreshed and thriving again.

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