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SEATTLE — Global cloud communications platform Infobip celebrated International Women’s Day on March 8, reaffirming its commitment to gender equity within its corporate structure and highlighting contributions women at Infobip have brought to business strategy, go-to-market, and high-performance results.

Infobip honors the significant contribution of women to the company’s overall leadership structure, reinforcing the fundamental principles of gender equality globally.

Infobip is a multinational company with Croatian roots that operates in more than 70 countries and is recognized as a versatile omnichannel communication platform. At its core, the company is highly technological and primarily created by engineers.

Disrupting the status quo of low female representation in engineering-focused companies, at Infobip the number of women in vital positions is significant and growing in all regions where Infobip operates. From North America to Asia, women represent between 39% and 54% of the company’s workforce, with more than 43% of women working in Europe, the Middle East and Africa .

Representation of women in Infobip’s workforce in Croatia, Latin America and India averages around 34%.

According to Accenture’s latest research on the 2021 tech culture reset, there are five suggested actions for tech companies to take as they seek to retain women on their teams. Among the proposals is a work environment that supports women with strategic mentors and collaborative networks among other company employees, providing a workplace where employees are recognized for their talents, creativity and innovation. .

The study confirms that these practices should be adopted by organizations to further foster a work environment that promotes gender equity in technology companies.

At Infobip, women thrive in a work environment based on these principles. Mirela Topić, Corporate People Manager in EMEA, said, “I’ve been with Infobip for just over a year and I feel like I can be whoever I want to be. Thanks to my role, I can position myself and accompany other women on their career path in a simple and promising way.

The situation is similar for Giovanna Dominiquini, sales manager for the South region of Latin America.

“My relationship with Infobip has existed since 2017. Since then, I have been recognized for my contributions to the company in the region where I work, which shows that the recognition of men and women is valued equally in our company. I’m proud to work for a company that provides the fairness environment that Infobip provides,” she said.

Infobip’s APAC Marketing Manager, Jessica Furtado, added, “Infobip is a company that breathes diversity of opinion and culture. Everyone here is empowered to carry out their projects, which allows them to move forward serenely and contribute their ideas. As leaders, we are committed to maintaining an environment where everyone, regardless of gender, can work together with equal opportunities and access to resources to reach their full potential. We have a culture of respect, inclusion and collaboration, where everyone can bring their unique skills and perspectives. »

In North America, Kristin Syoen, head of human operations in the region, testifies to the support she feels for transforming the workplace.

“As a vital part of one of the world’s largest communications companies, the women of Infobip continue to play a vital role in the ongoing innovations and transformations in omnichannel communications. At Infobip, we are ahead of the the curve – industry leader in gender parity, with women representing more than 40% of our North American operations,” she said.

But not only women in leadership positions stand out at Infobip. The company also offers career paths for women pursuing careers in individual roles and delivering exponential results worldwide. Such are the cases of specialists Barbara Kohut, product specialist for Latin America, and Ivana Topalović, human resources business partner working in Croatia.

“My work has a direct impact on the company’s core business. Knowing Infobip’s products and solutions in depth helps the business grow, helps me be close to our customers, and adds value to an entire value chain,” she said.

For Topalović, “taking care of people is what I love to do and, as a human resources professional, I feel empowered to take care of the careers of our professionals on a daily basis and to reinforce Infobip’s mission of to be a company that is increasingly rich in diversity and knowledge.

From Africa to the World, Tshidisegang Mosenyegi was promoted during her maternity leave at Infobip and became Head of Marketing for the Middle East and Africa region and comments on the importance of this moment in her life within the Infobip team : I didn’t expect a promotion just because I was on maternity leave, but I knew that my upper management understood my efforts and the results achieved in the company. My promotion proves that Infobip recognizes its professionals through meritocracy and results. I am happy to work in an organization that thinks this way.

Infobip also promotes various initiatives to strengthen the presence of women beyond its offices around the world. According to Tena Šojer Keser, Global Head of Developer Content at Infobip, “Infobip has also supported women in the industry through its various community building efforts. Their Shift Developer Conference, which takes place both in Zadar and in Miami this year consistently features a high percentage of female speakers, well above the industry benchmark.

“At the regional level, following the acquisition of technology news portal Netokracija, Infobip has joined efforts to level the playing field for women in industry through the long-running Netokracija conference, Ladies of New Business. The conference has been running for seven consecutive years and focuses on the challenges and opportunities for women in the different areas of the tech industry.

Aurora Volarević, Vice President Corporate Affairs and Board Member of Infobip, said, “At Infobip, we are just getting started, but I would say one thing that we definitely haven’t started is the promotion of a well-balanced gender environment. A common feeling might exist that tech companies have more men than women working and leading teams and projects. However, at Infobip, this is fortunately not the case. The representation of female employees within our company underlines the equality between men and women that has been established between the departments and shows the strength of our diversity. Diversity work at Infobip does not stop at gender but rather extends to diversity of opinions, cultures, ages and more. Here, we are heard and empowered no matter what. It’s the kind of workplace we aim to keep, and I can’t wait to say that it’s already a standard and successful path for our employees around the world. »

Infobip not only celebrates International Women’s Day by telling stories that are part of the company’s trajectory over its 17 years of global business, but the company also encourages women to apply for positions currently available in the whole world. Learn more about opportunities here:

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