Where to find the baby carrier in “The Sims 4”

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With the recent introduction of the infant stage of life in The Sims 4, tons of baby-related items are finding their way into the game. One of the most useful new gadgets is the baby carrier, which gives you allows you to transport your child while keeping your hands free for other activities.

However, using the carrier isn’t as simple as diving into Create-a-Sim and adding it to your character. Here’s where to find the baby carrier in The Sims 4 and how to use it.

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Where to find the baby carrier in ‘The Sims 4’.

If you purchased the Grow Together expansion for The Sims 4, the carrier can be found by interacting with your child. In fact, there is no need to purchase the item or equip it in any special way. Instead, clicking on your child while controlling your adult Sim will give you the ability to toss the baby carrier and easily take your baby from place to place. Here’s how it works.

Source: EA

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First, make sure you are controlling an adult sim. Then click on your baby. This will bring up a menu wheel, including an option that says “Baby Care”. Select this option and then select “Set Preferred Back Carrier”. here you will be able to select the “PowerWalk Companion” (if you purchased “Growing Together”). Once done, using the carrier is as easy as clicking on your baby again and selecting “Put Carrier on Back.”

It’s a little odd that the carrier is hidden behind multiple interactions with your baby, but at least it’s readily available once you know where to look. It’s also nice that you don’t have to constantly equip your Sim’s item before carrying your baby. And once you’re ready to put your baby back on the floor, just click on it and select the “Remove from Back Carrier” option.

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Keep in mind that you’ll need to control an Adult Sim for this to work, otherwise you won’t see the ‘Back Carrier’ option.

Source: EA

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The advantage of the baby carrier is that it allows you to perform other actions that would generally be prohibited when carrying your baby in your arms. This means you can pick things up or cook dinner without letting your child roam freely around your home.

Keep in mind that any action that puts the baby at risk while in the carrier (such as sitting or lying on a bed) will automatically remove the baby from the carrier.

The Sims 4 “Grow Together” is now available on all platforms.

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