This van conversion mobile home is both versatile and digital nomad friendly

As such, mobile homes are now more common than ever, with a variety of constructions so huge they might give you a headache. But not all mobile homes are born equal, as some are more versatile and able to reach remote areas while others are more focused on leisurely travel on smooth roads and camping in RV parks. cars.

This RAM Pro Master van-turned-mobile home is a mix of the two, and please bear with me as I elaborate on this. While it’s small and certainly more off-road capable than a school bus, it lacks some amenities that would make it a legit off-grid mobile home. Keep in mind this isn’t necessarily one thing, as it means he can do both, without excelling either.

And that’s partly down to its size. The feature that makes it capable of tackling rough terrain may also be a slight drawback, as it means that the space available on board is limited. A consequence of such a choice is that there is no space to build a bathroom inside the mobile home. As unusual as it may seem, it’s a relatively common practice, with gym memberships supporting shower access and portable toilets being just about sufficient for other tasks.

Photo: YouTube/Tiny House Tours

Granted, this could become a problem if you want to disconnect from the network for long periods of time, but a few days in the wild should be manageable. This rings especially true when you consider that this van comes with 600W more solar power, a 2000W inverter and a 400Ah battery.

Water shouldn’t really be an issue either, as 32 gallons are available. This is neatly stored in a fresh water tank mounted on the right rear wheel arch, a design choice that ensures plenty of storage space remains available in the van garage under the bed.

And it would be a shame not to release this platform for at least a few off-grid camping weekends. That’s because there’s a roof rack that can make enjoying a morning coffee or a late-night stargazing session a fantastic experience.

There is nothing to complain about on the outside of this mobile home, so let’s take a look at the interior, with its intimate aesthetic. White walls and storage cabinets are beautifully contrasted by dark shades everywhere else, blending organically. As tradition dictates, it all starts with the kitchen and dinette combo, as this is the main area inside most minivan conversions. It takes up most of the space in this case, but it makes up for that downside by being reasonably well-equipped.

Photo: YouTube/Tiny House Tours

The passenger side wall is occupied by the main kitchen utilities, which in this case, are a deep sink with a pull-out faucet, a stove/oven combo, and some storage cabinets for cooking utensils. This design choice limits counter space, so there is an extra piece mounted from the sliding door that can be folded away, slightly increasing cooking space. A major drawback of the kitchen is that the sink is placed right next to the bed, which makes it almost impossible to wash the dishes without splashing the bed.

The wall opposite the kitchen is also a bit part of the kitchen, as most of the space is taken up by a few cupboards and a mini-fridge, covered with a worktop. There are of course also wall cabinets, because storage is essential in mobile homes. But this area holds another welcome surprise.

The back of the counter has been transformed into a permanent office space with a wall mounted monitor, desktop computer and all associated peripherals. Although if a standing desk isn’t your speed, there’s a narrow bench seat that can slide under the bed. It’s relatively rare in van builds, but it’s a sight for sore eyes, showing players they don’t have to fear life on the road.

Photo: YouTube/Tiny House Tours

Finally, there is the bed, located at the very back of the van. It’s relatively unremarkable except for the decorative LED lights and the fact that the PC monitor can swing around for enjoyable movie nights. A nice feature here is the window mounted in the headboard area, which together with the fan at the top apparently creates excellent airflow that can keep the bed comfortable even in hot climates.

All in all, this is an exciting build and a great blueprint for a would-be digital nomad, as the focus is on power and technology. While it’s not the most capable or versatile platform, it’s one that can allow anyone to get out and explore without feeling like the change is too drastic.

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