This Mercedes Sprinter is a Modern Off-Road, Off-Grid DIY Mobile Home

So when a digital age-focused release pops up, it’s definitely worth checking out. This Mercedes Sprinter 4×4 van conversion is just that, as an adventurous skydiver and base jumper who, along with MacGyver, works remotely in the tech industry and has made sure this mobile home meets the demands of a such work.

But let’s start with the Sprinter itself, as it’s a far cry from the usual old buses or vans that can be a hassle to fix and keep running. This mobile home is built on a relatively recent Mercedes Sprinter 4×4, although the exact year of production and horsepower figures are not specified.

What is clear, however, is that this minivan is not the extended wheelbase version, which means space is at a premium. But it offers plenty of features to make up for the lack of space and make life inside more comfortable.

The traction situation is not a permanent all-wheel-drive system, but rather a selectable four-wheel-drive version. And that’s a good thing, mainly because it makes the van more fuel-efficient on long trips on country roads or highways.

Photo: Youtube/Tiny Home Tours

The driver’s cabin is also very pleasant, with plush captain’s chairs and a large infotainment system fully controllable from the steering wheel. This large infotainment screen can display all the important details about the car, such as oil temperature and pressure, or coolant and radiator temperature. Add to that the fact that this pickup truck is relatively new, and much of the anxiety that driving an old car brings is alleviated.

On the outside, this Sprinter van is stealthy and looks absolutely regular. Someone looking at it wouldn’t even notice the solar panels, because it’s only a 175W system, which can be hidden from view by the sides of the roof rack, which can be used as space additional storage.

But this pickup’s tricks don’t end there, as it’s been transformed into a serious off-roader. Right up front is a nose ring, as well as a hitch receiver, allowing this Sprinter to be towed or to help someone out of a sticky situation.

There’s even another hitch receiver in the back, meaning this van can pull itself out of a mess if need be. And because this is an all-terrain oriented van, the suspension has also been upgraded, now able to switch between three stiffness settings in order to suit the terrain. The tires can also be inflated and deflated to the necessary pressure, thanks to a compressor in the engine compartment.

Photo: Youtube/Tiny Home Tours

In the back there is even a garage, which is probably the most important part of any van conversion. This is where all the electronics are, tucked away without ruining the interior aesthetics, as well as a 27 gallon (27 liter) fresh water tank. There are obviously other things here too, like tools, hobby gear and even a shore power connection to charge batteries at campsites.

Stepping inside, the first thing you notice is the dog sleeping in the bed, which is really nice as having a canine companion always makes things better. But the aesthetic isn’t too shabby either, with plenty of white color to match the dog’s fur, contrasted by gray and black.

Everything is simple and minimalist, and this is reflected in this entire mobile home, since there is not even a shower inside, to the detriment of the outdoor option. All controls and unsightly elements are also well hidden, with just the controls in view.

The kitchen is the main room here, also serving as a dining room, living room and work space. But first, wardrobes are plentiful, with plenty of wall storage available. The counters are also decently sized, with a sink mounted right in the middle, leaving plenty of cooking space on either side and allowing for good workflow. There is also a large window, creating a great view and making cooking less of a chore.

Photo: Youtube/Tiny Home Tours

Under the sink, there’s the gray water tank, which is just a jug, as well as a tankless water heater, which apparently does a great job in exchange for a lot of power. Alongside that, there’s a fridge/freezer combo that does the job for just one person despite its modest size.

This versatile kitchen situation is possible thanks to a swivel table, which can be positioned so that when the passenger seat is turned, it acts as a desk where one can work. And because it’s quite large, it can also be comfortably used for dining thanks to a padded permanent bench on the wall opposite the kitchen.

Since this is a mobile home, it’s mandatory that this bench doubles as storage, and it does. There is a lid that lifts up, allowing access to the portable toilet. This is also where the Starlink connection antenna is stored, an important part of the build, providing a good internet connection everywhere, which is very important for a software engineer.

Photo: Youtube/Tiny Home Tours

The final piece of the puzzle is the bedroom, and the situation here is something between a normal bed and a loft option, as the elevation is quite high. In turn, this choice creates a lot of extra space in the van garage. It’s also very comfortable, thanks to the diesel heater that’s ducted near the bed as well as the adjacent window, which, with the ceiling-mounted van, can provide good air circulation.

Overall, this mobile home converted into a van is minimalist but practical. Particular attention has been paid to aspects that are important to the owner, such as being able to work remotely and travel anywhere without having to worry about anything.

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