The versatile Tig Notaro brings his singular brand of comedy to Las Vegas

Emmy and Grammy-nominated comedian Tig Notaro, known for her work in many forms of media, brings her charming, deadpan humor to Las Vegas this week as part of her Hello Again Tour. Las Vegas magazine’s Em Jurbala met the comic before his one-night-only performance.

Since you’ve played in Vegas before, is there anything you’re looking forward to when you return?

I’ve never really been Vegas’ biggest fan, but my wife and I brought our kids about a month ago for this private gig – I was hired for a wedding – and we had a great time moment. Then we went back a week later for a concert in Vegas, brought the kids again, and had such a great time, it changed our outlook and feeling about Vegas. So yeah, I’m really excited to be back in Vegas.

In addition to stand-up, fans have also been able to enjoy your talents in movies, television, and podcasts, among others. Is there a particular forum that you like more than the others?

I really like podcasting. Even though I do theatre, I don’t really identify as an actor. Some of my favorite moments working in TV and film are actually when the director yells “Cut!” and then I can hang out with the other actors, which is a bit like podcasting. Just hanging out, chatting. It’s kind of crazy that it becomes a job.

What’s it like to hang out with so many creative people in so many areas of entertainment?

Well, sometimes there are bad experiences, but most of the time it’s really amazing. And you sort of get – I don’t know if “spoiled” is the right thing – but you start thinking, “Oh, that’s the way the world is, and how people are. They’re creative and funny,” and that’s obviously just not the case. But I would say it’s such a pleasure to know so many interesting, hilarious and intelligent people. It’s not always the case, but most of the time there’s a reason why the entertainment industry has drawn these people there. They have interesting stories to tell or different points of view. It’s a luxury.

What’s it like to take the stage as someone who’s given fans such an in-depth look into your life through your documentary, Tig, various specials, podcasts and the like?

It is comforting. And then it’s also exciting because they might think they know me and often they see a very different side of me that’s maybe a little dumber or something. There’s usually a curve ball where people were like, “Oh, I didn’t expect that.”

Do you like to surprise people on stage?

Yes, of course! I think that’s a big part of the comedy, hoping for that surprise.

Where can people get more Tig?

I have two podcasts, Don’t Ask Tig and Cheryl and Tig: True Story, and then I’m also going to be on the new season of The Morning Show this fall. I don’t know when my next special will come out, I think it’s also in the fall. Oh, and my new season of Star Trek: Discovery is coming out this summer.

Virgin Hotels Las Vegas, 8 p.m. June 2, from $45 plus taxes and fees. axs.com

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