The Hale Science Fair –

By Leah Sunseri, student

Everyone has memories of their school’s science fair. In March, kids and teens make new memories with the Hale Science Fair. From cellphone radiation to bottle guns, Ms. Dowd and Ms. Ready have seen many projects over the years.

The science fair was held on March 14. Science fairs aren’t just for students, exciting projects like vinegar and baking soda explosions are for everyone. As Bill Nye once said, “Science rules!” Ms Dowd, who organized the science fair, describes it as “a resounding success”. Her favorite part was seeing the students work with their interests and explore new topics. She also enjoyed seeing all the turnout and watching the community come together at the Science Fair.

Mason with his dinosaur extinction project.

The students’ enthusiasm thrilled Ms. Dowd. She talks about a little boy who made a solar-powered car project, which he was very proud of. Ms. Dowd has been teaching for 24 years and has a burning passion for science and teaching science to students. She introduces new concepts in an understandable way, talking about theories and answering all questions from students. She loves learning about new science fair topics, and so do you!

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