The Angry Bird Hotel is a vintage bus conversion mobile home being towed by a rat rod

This mobile home is impressive for several reasons, but probably the best thing about it is how it looks from the outside. It’s quirky, unique and creative, and goes against the status quo of mobile home building.

The bus was cut, chopped up and turned into a trailer with a pair of angry bird eyes in place of the windshield. There is no longer an engine or driver’s compartment, the bus instead being pulled by a Frankensteinian-looking hot rod.

This bizarre creation was made by pairing a 1929 Ford Model A body with a rugged ’90s Ford chassis and a small-block 307 Chevy engine. And while it might be a bit underpowered for the job, these motors can be found on the cheap, and that’s a theme throughout this whole mobile home.

The main aim when converting this bus was to do it on a budget, with most of the MacGyvered work done by Rickey himself. The back of the bus was rusty, so it was replaced with a cozy reclaimed wood porch, perfect for getting a breath of fresh air on a sunny day or chatting with friends.

Photo: Youtube/Tiny Home Tours

But there is another modification that this bus has undergone, and that is a 12 inch (30 cm) roof rise, which makes the interior more spacious. Orange paint, topped with an airbrushed rusty patina, ties together the whole hot-rod aesthetic of this mobile home.

One of the downsides of such a unique and interesting exterior is that it can make the interior feel a little underwhelming. But it makes up for it with a charm that can take everyone back to the days of childhood and the joy of visiting our grandparents.

The extensive use of wood is one of the things that brings back those old memories, along with an antique-looking ceiling fan and, of course, the ubiquitous rocking chair. There’s even an old landline telephone with a rotary dial that will cause problems for young children. All these details, as well as a wall-mounted television, are located at the back of the bus, which serves as a lounge, although relatively small.

The bright blue walls and neon lights, however, may slightly disrupt the overall vibe of this home, but they somehow blend in with everything else. The wooden slats covering the ceiling work well with the kitchen backsplash to complement the color choice and unify the construction.

Photo: Youtube/Tiny Home Tours

The kitchen itself is surprisingly spacious, with plenty of counter space provided. It also means that there are more than enough cabinets to store just about anything one would need, especially with the addition of a row of wall cabinets. Granted, the place might look a bit cluttered with all the stuff stored here, but it gets the job done.

As for appliances, there aren’t many, with the most visible being a coffee maker, microwave, sink, and electric kettle. Cooking is then mostly relegated to a portable two-burner propane-powered cooktop, which can be taken outside to avoid smelling the whole house.

Since I mentioned that a common theme throughout this house is to keep things cheap, the kitchen is no exception. The counters used here were free as they were originally cut wrong and Rickey fixed them. There’s also a cheap solution to keep cabinets closed when traveling, which involves drilling a hole at a 45 degree angle and using a nail as a pin to keep them from opening.

Since this is a mobile home and the bedrooms should serve multiple purposes, there are a few other things to note here. Opposite the counters is a washer-dryer combo, with a vintage-looking fridge sitting on top.

Photo: Youtube/Tiny Home Tours

There is also a wall-mounted air conditioning unit, which is made more efficient by a fan that can move air throughout the house. Of course, this consumes a lot of energy and the 340W of solar panels cannot provide the juice to keep everything running at the same time.

This is where two 300Ah batteries and a 3000W inverter come in, serving as a solution to the electrical needs of this house. It’s a good choice, because even when the sun is not shining, there is still enough juice in reserve to run the necessities, like the water pump and the water heater, or the refrigerator .

Moving to the front of the bus, the bed resides where the driver’s behavior would have been when this bus was new. The side door can still be opened, allowing fresh air to enter the angry bird eyes on the windshield which serve as a sun visor.

This is also where the bathroom is located. There’s not much to see here, as it’s just a toilet, with no mention of the shower, which means it’s probably a wet bath, especially since there is a 40 gallon (151 liter) fresh water tank. Overall, the build showcases what can be achieved with a young spirit and some creativity.

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