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Second hole of the season at Whiteface Club and Resort

LAKE PLACID — After just two holes in one throughout last year, Whiteface Club golf course in Lake Placid has already announced two aces in the first two weeks of the season.

The final member of hole-in-one 2023 is member Bruce Berra. Playing with Joe Mercurio on May 18, Berra selected the driver on the par-3 eighth hole. In cold, windy conditions, he quickly teeed off for the third ace of his career.

Berra’s feat followed that of John Enright on the second day of the season. The Rhode Island resident dropped a seven iron in the par-3 third hole as part of a wedding party.

Athletics correction

In Tuesday’s edition of the Press-Republican, it was reported that Peru’s Jesse Giddings broke a 33-year-old record in the shot put. Giddings, in fact, attends Beekmantown which Peru competed against. We apologize for this error.

Summer Classic Tuesday Highlights

Plattsburgh — Here are the results for Tuesday’s Summer Classic bowling event:

Points taken: Three Dawg Nite 8-NB Restaurant 7, Team #3 10-Taylor’s Tileworks 5, Adir. Chevrolet 10-Rick’s Taxidermy 5, Underdogs 11-NB Pro Shop 4, Team #9 12-Bye 3.

High scores: Barbara Cotter 555-202, TJ Bushey 655-247, Claude Lashway 645-226, Lanny Favro 580-236, Dan Munson, Sr. 646-256, Josh Shaffer 637-232, Shawn Gutzman 577-215, Taylor Chapple 688-257, Rick Savage 552-210, Kurt Kraft 546-191, Josh Weiss (sub) 634-230, Dave Bresett 674-247, Mike Watts 677-236, Harley Laduke 497-180, Max French 627-224, Gabe Sisco 643-245, John Munson, Jr. 753-279, George Munson 690-279.

Schedule 05/30/23: Underdogs vs Team #3, Three Dawg Nite vs Adir. Chevrolet, NB Restaurant vs Team #9, Rick’s Taxidermy vs Bye, NB Pro Shop vs Taylor’s Tileworks.

Guys and Girls Wednesday Highlights

Plattsburgh – Here are the results of Wednesday’s Guys & Gals mixed bowling:

Points Taken: Split Ends 3-Misfits 1, Four Flushers 4-4D Niners 0, Gutter Done 3-Ball Busters 1, Laniacs 3-Queen’s Court 1, Black Widows 3-Hit or Miss 1, Fun Time 3-Casella’s Trash Talkers 1 .

High scores: Mark Misner 418-145, Julie Liberty 525-199, George Munson 642-225, Bea Holler 400-146, Gary Liberty 463-194, Beverly Dupuis 325-115, Joe Dumoulin 454-182, Bill Dutton 517-187 , Tom Weightman 547-210, Chuck Leclair 468-189, Carl Lashway 571-203, Claude Lashway 550-202, Joe Phaneuf 545-186, Denise Goddeau 491-193, Bobbi Nicholson 414-167, Dave Pellerin 480-175, Don Myers 515-187, Brenda Garrand 332-127, Claudette Raymond 268-103, Doris Martino 388-138, Lynne Glenn 367-134, Nancy Griffith 373-146, Violet Irwin 400-158, Tom Welch 489-172.

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