Sport expresses itself! Isotopes’ “Breaking Bad” Home Run Celebration Annoys Some Readers

May 26—I FOR ONE (am) disgusted that isotopes are glorifying a celebration of homerun meth production. Where is the adult here? Coach? General director? For those of you who have lost loved ones to this illicit drug epidemic, I really hope the management of ‘Topes recognizes what a bad idea this is. For those of you who bring impressionable young children to play, cover their eyes! Look away children!

— Simon, Rio Rancho

How about trotting around bases in a timely manner, stepping on home plate, exchanging information with the next batter, and sitting in the dugout. You are not a cartoon character. You are a professional baseball player (a job that many, many people would love to have). Try to act like that.

—Mark to Albq

I FOLLOWED Michael Block for 18 holes in the first round of PGA Championship qualifying at Santa Ana. Walking side by side with him on the fairway, little did I know at the time that he would finish in the PGA top 15, and the club’s only pro to make the cut. Quite celebrity!

— Bob, UNM area

ALL of the extensive media coverage regarding the New Mexico State fiasco over the past several months and no one affiliated with the NMSU basketball program is criminally charged with what happened from the time the Aggies boarded the bus in Las Cruces until the bus returned from Albuquerque? The signal is that no accountability is required from Aggie players, coaches or administrators. The person driving the infamous yellow Camaro hasn’t even been found. And the sporting director even got a long-term contract extension. Well, they don’t call it the Wild West for nothing.

— Mystified Lobo

SORRY FANS, but in an amazing turn of events, no NMSU players or admins will be charged for setting it up. …

— JRM-Corrales

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