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Foldable smartphones have grown in popularity over the past year, with various brands jumping on board. Now, a new rumor has emerged suggesting Sony is also gearing up to join the foldable smartphone trend with its own clamshell design. While details are limited, the rumor does hint at a next-gen high-end Xperia Compact series device that stands out by omitting a cover screen. Let’s dive into this speculation and explore the Japanese giant’s potential entry into the foldable market.

Sony is rumored to be developing a flip-style foldable smartphone

The rumor surfaced on a South Korean forum, leaving many intrigued by the possibility of a foldable clamshell Sony. However, the information shared in the post remains somewhat vague, making it difficult to draw concrete conclusions. According to the source, the Japanese giant is working on a next-generation Xperia Compact series device that incorporates the clamshell form factor.

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An interesting aspect highlighted in the rumor is that the alleged foldable device would not have a cover screen. This detail raises eyebrows, as most vertically foldable phones on the market today feature some form of secondary display on the cover. However, with no further specs or official confirmation from Sony, we can only speculate on the reasoning behind this unique design choice.

As of now, no additional information is available regarding the specs or features of Sony’s potential foldable clamshell smartphone. Enthusiasts and industry watchers eagerly await updates from Sony to shed light on its plans for the Xperia Compact series. It remains to be seen if they will really embrace the clamshell foldable concept and reintroduce the Xperia Compact series to the market.

As Sony enthusiasts and smartphone enthusiasts wait for more updates, it will be interesting to see if Sony’s alleged foldable device becomes a reality. Stay tuned for more news and developments on Sony’s potential venture into the world of foldable technology.


Pokdepinion: As the foldable smartphone market continues to evolve, the Japanese giant’s rumored entry into the clamshell foldable space adds an exciting twist to the competition. While details are limited, the possibility of a high-end Xperia Compact series device without a cover screen piques curiosity.


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