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You’re starting to see it more and more: schools and universities are paying more attention to mental health than ever before, and it’s long overdue.

College life is fun and rewarding, but it’s always stressful, especially if a student is taking a full course load and working part-time or even full-time. Even if a person is outgoing, being away from family and long-time friends can put additional pressure on the year.

And that’s just college. High schoolers probably don’t have the demanding academics found in college life, but they still have to attend class. Add extracurricular activities, and again, a job, and it can be a lot to handle.

Northern Michigan University has launched its new Wildcat Wellbeing website, which can be found at

In a letter Monday to students, faculty and staff, President Kerri Schuiling said one of the top priorities for campus this year is to improve mental health and wellness services that already exist on campus. and develop new ones.

On the new website, individuals can find information about all of NMU’s mental health and wellbeing services in one place. A wellness tab has also been added to the NMU mobile app. Schuiling also said he will monitor news in the coming weeks for events, workshops and other training opportunities for students and employees regarding mental health and wellness topics.

Local school districts are also making efforts to address emotional health. For example, NICE Community Schools has hired a third full-time counselor. Without a doubt, the district is still feeling the effects of the April student deaths by suicide at Aspen Ridge School.

Negaunee Public Schools also added a school resource officer, a second full-time social worker and a fourth guidance counselor.

It’s good to hear that universities and schools are taking mental health seriously. For too long this has been a stigma, and it shouldn’t have been, and surely many students have suffered too long in silence.

We hope students will now be able to get the help they need when they need it – and the addition of more resources will certainly make that easier.

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