Robert Downey Jr. Trolls Fans With Fake Biopic About Him Featuring Him With Him On April Fool’s Day

Get ready, world: Robert Downey Jr. is ready to play everyone, everywhere, at once in his own biopic.

On April Fool’s Day, the Iron Man star posted a photoshopped image of a delightfully goofy article from the fictional site Breadline (a riff on Deadline) that boasted a serious tongue twister of a headline: “Robert Downey Jr. will star alongside Robert Downey Jr. as Robert Downey Jr. in Robert Downey Jr.: The Robert Downey Jr. Story.”

Downey Jr. captioned the post, “Catch me at the local bakery…” (Presumably because, with all of his bun roles in this movie, he’ll be making some serious bread.)

The article, which was written by Pops the Pig, is formatted as a thinly veiled nod to celebrity casting pieces that are often written (including, *gulps*, by EW) and then released to the networks. social media by stars to confirm their involvement in a project. The title also pokes fun at the recent flurry of films set in the Multiverse – which, ahem, includes the Marvel Cinematic Universe – by having Downey alongside him in the fictional film.

It also seems like all of the entertainment creators who write — and often star in — projects about their own lives. If that’s true, then even Downey Jr. can’t escape his downfall, as he produced and starred in the documentary about the life of his late father, Sr., last year.

But it’s even more likely to be a nod to Downey Jr.’s upcoming spy TV series, The Sympathizer, in which the actor plays a host of supporting roles, including “an up-and-coming Orange County congressman, CIA agent, and Hollywood filmmaker, among others.”

Robert Downey Jr. through the years

Monica Schipper/Getty Images Robert Downey Jr.

Either way, his fans appreciated the good humor, with one comment, “Directed by Robert Downey Jr.”

Another referenced Downey Jr.’s controversial 2008 film Tropic Thunder in his response, noting that the actor is once again “just a man playing a man, disguised as the same man.”

The story continues

And a third perfectly added: “Wait, because you are perfect for this role, you look exactly like him!”

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