Relic Entertainment, co-developer of Age of Empires 4, is firing

What you need to know Relic Entertainment is a studio under Sega Europe that has worked on games like Dawn of War, as well as co-developed Age of Empires 4 with Xbox studio World’s Edge. Relic Entertainment’s most recent game, Company of Heroes 3, was released in February. Relic Entertainment is undergoing layoffs, with 121 employees laid off.

If you’re tired of hearing about game studios and publishers taking layoffs, brace yourself, because there’s more bad news.

Relic Entertainment shared via Twitter on Tuesday that 121 employees are being let go from the studio in what was described as an “incredibly difficult” decision with blame on “external factors” and no further details. Prior to the layoffs, Relic Entertainment had over 300 employees.

Relic Entertainment, a subsidiary of Sega’s Europe division, has previously worked on a number of games such as the original Homeworld games, the Dawn of War and Company of Heroes franchises, and more. More recently, the team co-developed Age of Empires 4 with World’s Edge under Xbox Game Studios. The game launched on Windows PC in 2021, with an Xbox console version currently in development and slated to launch later this year.

These layoffs come on the heels of several turbulent months, with massive layoffs across games and tech at Apple, Amazon, CD Projekt RED, Deck Nine Games, Electronic Arts, Microsoft, Sony and more.

The Windows Central point of view

Obviously, my thoughts go out to the 121 employees who have been laid off. It’s a massive cut, and I really hope everyone involved can get back on their feet.

Other than that, I’m really, really, really sick of hearing about layoffs. I understand that sometimes there’s just no alternative because a project has gone wrong or a company isn’t making money, but that hasn’t been the case for a lot of companies that have been too eager to make cuts.

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