Refugees from Iran and other countries display art in Miami

A group of women living in a refugee camp in the village of Diavata — near Thessaloniki, Greece — displayed artwork during Miami Art Week in an exhibit called “One World Show.”

The project, set up by Art 4 Humanity, features photographs taken and modeled by women.

We are told that proceeds from sales of the show will go to the photography school – set up by the non-governmental organization Quick Response Team, which trained the women.

The school that has trained more than 50 aspiring photographers – who fled countries like Afghanistan, Syria and Iran – works with “refugees fleeing conflict around the world…as a way to develop their creative skills, reclaim their voice and re-establish their identity”. it says.

Ferzane Naeemi, 28, from Afghanistan, shows a photo titled “Strength”.

Works such as “Strength” by Ferzane Naeemi are featured at The Standard Residences.One World/The Standard Residence

“I left Afghanistan six years ago and came to Iran, and lived in Iran for three years,” Naeemi said in a statement. “Because of the problems I had in Iran, I left the country with my family. We tried to go to Turkey and the Iranian police caught us and sent us back to Afghanistan.

The works are presented at the Standard Residences, Midtown Miami.

One World / The standard residence

The works are presented at the Standard Residences, Midtown Miami.

One World / The standard residence

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We were told that Jones went out to dinner with his family…

His family then traveled to Turkey where, for “six months, we tried to go to Greece six times, but unfortunately the police caught us. The seventh time we tried, we reached Greece.

Naeemi has lived in the camp for four years.

Masoume Tajik, 29, from Afghanistan, has a work titled “Dreams” in the powerful art exhibit.

Masoume Tajik created the work she calls “Dreams”. One World/The Standard Residence

“I left Iran four years ago to come to Greece to be safe and to be free, but I had to cross several borders,” she said, according to the organization. “My family and I came from Iran to Turkey on foot, then from Turkey to Greece by boat, which took nine hours. It took us a while to reach Greece. When we arrived in Greece, I went to the refugee camp.

She has lived in the camp for almost four years.

The works are exhibited at the Standard Residences Gallery, Midtown Miami.

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