Life happens at the most inopportune times What we do in the shadows. In “Freddie”, Guillermo (Harvey Guillén) has a visitor from abroad and Laszlo (Matt Berry) takes over the career management of Baby Colin (Mark Proksch).

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by Nadja (Natasia Demetriou) nightclub is a hit, mostly because of Baby Colin Robinson. Vampires love BCR. Even celebrities show up to watch the show. the latest celebrity sighting is Sofia Coppola, Jim Jarmusch and Thomas Mars. Sofia and Thomas ordered the celebrity special and sadly they are dead now. Nadja has a good night until the guide (Kristen Schaal) informs her that BCR is not working.

Laszlo decided it was time for him and Colin to get something out of the nightclub gig. He gives Nadja a new contract, even though BCR never signed to begin with. BCR doesn’t care about the contract or the money, he just wants to sing and dance. Nadja refuses to look at the contract, so Laszlo takes Baby Colin to find a club that will agree to his terms.


Guillermo was secretly…but not so secretly talking to someone on FaceTime. Now that he’s out, he’s ready to reveal he met someone in England with Nadja. His name is Freddie (Al Roberts) and Freddie happens to be on his way to Staten Island to spend the weekend with Guillermo. To Guillermo’s surprise, Freddie arrives early.

Nandor (Kayvan Novak) is home when Freddie arrives. He doesn’t pay Freddie too much attention until Guillermo starts showing his boyfriend around the house. Nandor finds Freddie very charming and funny…something he misses with Marwa. Guillermo and Freddie set off to explore the city, leaving Nandor and Marwa (Parisa Fakhri) only.

Nandor can’t stop thinking about Freddie no matter how hard he tries. (He doesn’t try at all.) He asks Djinn (Anoop Desai) transform Marwa into an exact copy of Freddie; appearance, personality…everything! Djinn asks no questions. He just snaps his fingers and Nandor now has his own Freddie.

Guillermo and Freddie spend the day in New York based on Freddie’s list of everything he wanted to do in the big city. Nandor and his Freddie are also in the big city, doing all the things on Freddie’s list. Guillermo is having a good time but keeps seeing Nandor everywhere. He thinks he just needs a life outside of work.


Nadja tries new entertainment at the club on What We Do in The Shadows

“WHAT WE DO IN THE SHADOWS” – “Freddie” – Season 4, Episode 9 (airing August 30) – Pictured: Natasia Demetriou as Nadja. RC: Russ Martin: FX

After Colin leaves, the club falls apart. The Guide is worried about Nadja’s state of mind. She drank the blood of drunk celebrities. The club decides to audition new child performers to replace Colin. All children are cute, but they don’t have the same kind of appeal as Baby Colin. Nadja abandons the idea of ​​staging a child performer and decides to follow another path. She books the Erotic Circus. They are erotic vampire circus performers. Nadja is convinced that the vampire crowd will love them.

Laszlo and Baby Colin travel to upstate New York to another vampire club. BCR entertains the people on the bus while Laszlo collects their money. Laszlo is excited about BCR’s tour and thinks he can kill the kid. When they arrive at the hotel, Laszlo comes out to make a phone call. When he returns to the bedroom, Baby Colin is no longer a baby. He’s taller, has acne all over his face, and his voice is starting to crack. Hello puberty.

When the Erotic Circus arrives at the Nadja club, there is only one performer, Gustave Leroy. He’s a kind of contortionist who can have fun. Vampires love it but it’s over too soon. Then the mob of vampires gets angry. To make them happy again, Nadja decides to turn on the blood sprinklers. The sprinklers break, causing the crowd to leave.


Guillermo returns home from his date to find Nandor and Freddie #2 lying naked in front of the fireplace. He is really confused and a bit bored. Freddie #1 follows him into the room and starts screaming when he sees Freddie #2. Nandor hypnotizes them both to calm down. In an effort to calm them down, the two couples play board games. The two Freddies team up and have a blast.

Guillermo is really pissed off now. He takes Nandor aside and asks why did he have to take that away from him. Nandor thinks he has done nothing wrong; he really liked Freddie. Guillermo says it’s his last night with Freddie and he won’t let Nandor ruin it. He grabs Freddie and leaves.

The next morning, Freddie #1 returns to England. Guillermo returns to his boring life of looking after Nandor and Freddie #2. Even when his Freddie calls, the other Freddie takes over. It’s hard for Guillermo to see Freddie #2 with Nandor and in a better relationship with Freddie #1.


Nandor is infatuated with Freddie on What We Do In The Shadows

“WHAT WE DO IN THE SHADOWS” – “Freddie” – Season 4, Episode 9 (Airing August 30) – Pictured: Harvey Guillén as Guillermo, Kayvan Novak as Nandor, Al Roberts as Freddie. RC: Russ Martin: FX

Colin’s tour is cancelled. He becomes capricious. His acne is worse and he smells bad. Things get worse when they arrive at the new vampire club. Colin’s little voice is deeper now and it’s fake. He tries his best to play, but he ends up getting booed. Nadja’s club is a failure without Baby Colin. She is therefore happy when Laszlo and Colin return home. She realizes that Colin has grown up. There is no more hope for the club.

Nandor finally realizes what he did to Guillermo. He feels bad and says it was wrong and selfish. He tried to give Freddie #2 to Guillermo, but Guillermo refused. Guillermo lies in his hiding place pouting all day. There is only one thing Nandor can do. He has to let Freddie/Marwa go. Marwa has always wanted to travel the world and she loves being Freddie #2. So Nandor leaves her in this form and gives her money to travel.

Guillermo took some money from the nightclub. He uses it to fly to England to surprise Freddie #1. It’s the first time he’s smiled in weeks. Guillermo films his surprise for the documentary. He turns into a busy street and sees Freddie #1, with Freddie #2. Guillermo turns and walks away.

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What we do in the shadows airs Tuesdays on FX and the following day on FX on Hulu.

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