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In today’s “Great Resignation” landscape, characterized by an exodus of people from the labor market due to the pandemic and other factors, the recruiting tables are somewhat flipped. Many job seekers find themselves able to interview potential employers instead of the traditional reverse.

More than ever, employers must put attractive and highly competitive remuneration on the table to attract talent to their organization. A strong health care component is essential.

To help its members meet this need, the American Rental Association (ARA) has introduced the ARA Healthcare Solution – a personalized healthcare coverage option available to ARA General and Associate Members. The program, a partnership with Allstate Benefits and HUB International, provides quality, affordable health coverage that complies with the Affordable Care Act.

ARA members have been asking for an association-sponsored health coverage plan for years, and the new offering is the culmination of more than a decade of research and effort to develop a plan that works for the greatest. number of members.

“We lobbied for the right to create Association Health Plans in Washington, D.C. until the Affordable Care Act was passed, then we tried again a few years ago, but none of the proposals crossed the finish line,” said Marcy Wright. , Director General of the ARA.

“Since that time, we have researched many other options that would provide affordable health care to members. One of the biggest challenges in health care is that it is regulated by individual states, so offering a fully funded national insurance product is not a feasible option,” says Wright.

Given the state-by-state regulations that govern the healthcare marketplace, Wright says the ARA had to get creative to come up with the best plan option. “We started looking at other types of plans and coverage. We talked with many vendors until we found a program that we believe will be a solution for ARA members,” she says.

Through the ARA Healthcare Solution partnership, HUB International works with members to provide quotes and answer questions while Allstate Benefits serves as the carrier for the health insurance plan and provides customer service and claims processing. ARA Insurance agents can also help members with plans.

Wright describes the ARA Healthcare solution as “a tier-funded plan – sometimes referred to as a self-funded plan – that provides coverage that looks and feels like a preferred provider organization [PPO]style plan but with unique features.” These features include:

  • Customizable plan designs making it easy to choose a plan that meets the needs of your business and your employees.
  • Tiered funding — giving you a predictable monthly payment.
  • An opportunity to receive money years when claims are lower than expected.
  • A team of experienced people who are always ready to provide expertise before, during and after you choose your plan.

Wright adds that “policies and coverage vary depending on the state your business is located in, but in many states coverage can be for as few as three people.”

ARA members who have already used the program are reaping the benefits.

“The coverages are pretty much the same as what we had before switching to the ARA plan, but now I’ll save about $1,300 a month,” says Dean Miller, CERP, owner of Miller’s Party Rental Center, Akron, Ohio , who is also Director of Region Five for the ARA.

Ian Goff, CERP, General Manager, Goff Tents & Events, Nicholasville, Kentucky, says that in a market where health care costs are rising 20-30% annually, “to see our costs reduced by nearly $300 one month for a family plan [through the ARA program] is an important saving for our company and our employees; it really got a lot of our people into taking advantage of it.

For some, the ARA Healthcare solution is the key to offering a health plan to employees for the first time.

“We had never offered health care; when we first heard that ARA would be offering this plan, we were thrilled,” says Travis Yarbrough, General Manager, Lone Star Rental, Andrews, Texas, who adds that in addition to offering great rates, the program provided a friendly quote. and the setup process.

“The process was very smooth. With the amount of information involved in insurance, we had a hard time figuring out what we were looking at. The help and information we received was amazing. Everything was explained via an online meeting and all my questions were answered quickly and in detail,” says Yarbrough.

Miller also appreciated the efficient quote process and quick turnaround. “Extremely smooth and easy,” he says. “Everything was done online and it was even easy for my employees to submit their information via a link. I received a quote within a week – I got it before I thought I would.

ARA Healthcare solution users like Miller and Goff expect program accessibility to be a key factor in keeping equipment rental and event companies attractive to those actively seeking employment.

“When looking to hire and retain top talent, benefits are key. It’s important that we have a package available that matches any other industry,” Goff says, and Miller added that “several new hires chose our company over others because we offered health insurance.”

Yarbrough, now able to add health care as an incentive to attract and retain workers, points to the ARA health care solution as an example of how a program can encapsulate investment in adherence to the ARA. “It’s an incredible resource. That alone makes being an ARA member worth every penny,” he says.

To learn more about the ARA Healthcare solution and to request a quote, visit or call 833-966-4137.

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