Protect the privacy of your mobile devices: the world’s first widely available privacy protection case blocking microphone and cameras

May 25, 2023 5:35 p.m. | 3 minute read

Sectock Privacy Case, a revolutionary mobile security solution, has just launched its Kickstarter project. The campaign’s goal is to make this state-of-the-art product available to the public, empowering people to protect their mobile privacy.

Living in the age of digital intrusion, the Sectock Privacy Case offers a simple yet effective solution to protect users from prying eyes and ears. By blocking cameras and microphones in seconds, Sectock ensures that personal privacy remains intact in an increasingly dangerous cyber world.

“Privacy is a fundamental right, and at Sectock, we believe that every individual should have the power to control their privacy online,” said Kászon Pandula, the visionary behind Sectock. “Our mission is to provide comprehensive cybersecurity solutions that protect personal and business data, starting with mobile devices.” – Kaszon Pandula, co-founder.

The Sectock privacy case tackles the widespread problem of privacy breaches resulting from apps that access cameras and microphones without permission. In this interconnected world we live in, it has become common for people to experience a strange feeling of being watched. With Sectock, users can reclaim their authority over their devices and protect themselves against unwarranted spying.

The growing number of cybersecurity breaches, including the recent discovery of the dangerous spyware named Pegasus, has highlighted the urgent need for proactive privacy measures. According to studies, spyware can remotely activate microphones and cameras, leaving users vulnerable to potential security threats. Therefore, the Sectock privacy case presents a crucial line of defense against these malicious invasions.

The Sectock Privacy Case is packed with revolutionary features such as:

Seamless Privacy: Disabling microphones and cameras for privacy is now effortless.

Instant Microphone Jamming: Generates noise to mute the phone’s microphone with just one click.

Covered cameras for privacy: A sliding cover easily blocks the front and rear cameras for maximum


Full Phone Functionality: The rear and front cameras may be obstructed, but you can still enjoy all the

phone features including Face ID and flashlight.

Sectock supports MagSafe.

The Sectock Privacy Case is made in Europe using the technique of injection molding and rubberized plastic, which guarantees both durability and reliability. The Kickstarter campaign applies to both iPhone models (12 years and older) and high-end Android models. Production of iPhone models will take place after the campaign, while production of Android models is expected to take place by the end of 2023.

Pandula said, “Our main goal is to democratize privacy for smartphone users. Our vision goes beyond cellphones as we strive to empower individuals, businesses and corporations with the cybersecurity resources needed to protect their sensitive information.

Backers of this Kickstarter campaign may receive exclusive benefits based on their pledges, such as a discounted price on the Sectock Privacy Case, available to individuals and businesses in single or multiple quantities.

Sectock encourages others to join the effort to redefine mobile privacy and protect personal information from malicious intent, giving everyone the right to privacy.

To support this project and receive benefits, please visit the Sectock Privacy Case Kickstarter campaign, here:


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State: Delaware
Country: United States

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