Pineywoods Rooters Entertainment to take over operations of Texan Movie Theater

PWR has signed an agreement allowing them to take over operations from the historic Texas theater in Cleveland, Texas. As the current movies in a single screen theater died down, the current owner was figuring out what to do with the movie theater. The shows were no longer sold out; the seats remain empty and the cinema is no longer profitable. PWR owner Curt Smith found a way to keep the Texan going and not lose the historic spot. Rather than turn it into retail or office space, PWR leased the building to use as a concert hall and event venue.

The final films will be in theaters on September 8, 2022; after this time, PWR will take over and begin transitioning operations. The grand reopening of the new PWR Texan Theater will take place on November 5, 2022. More information about the grand reopening will be shared soon! PWR plans to hold events throughout the week, with headlining concerts on Saturdays. Plans for Comic Relief Nights and more are currently being planned. Event and show releases will be posted in the next 7-10 days, at which time ticket sales will also be available for purchase on PWR’s website, pwrpromotions.com.

The changes will be minor, but will include VIP seating available on the balcony as well as the first three rows in front of the stage seating area. The Balcony Concessions sales area, as well as beer and wine sales will be available once licensing approval is complete for the entire theater.

PWR is proud to make this happen in such a historic theater, something that has been done in cities all over Texas and beyond, Huntsville, Conroe, Houston, Dayton, are just a few that have evolved in the same way. All of these places have been very successful and are a fun place to go for events. Show times will be 7am-10am for normal event shows and doors will open at 5pm on show nights.

At PWR, we’re excited to keep Texas theater in its pristine condition; it has been a city and county staple since 1939. We are honored to resume operations and turn it into an event venue that everyone can enjoy for years to come. We look forward to opening the doors on November 5 and sharing it with the community.

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