Noida Twin Towers: Any other demolition method would have taken up to two years, expert says

It could be a matter of seconds or a tedious one and a half to two year process to safely demolish the illegal Supertech twin towers in Noida.

The nearly 100-meter-tall structures – taller than the Qutub Minar – will be safely demolished on August 28 using a demolition method known as the “cascade implosion” technique, officials said. ‘Building Engineering.

The Apex (32-story) and Ceyane (29-story) towers will collapse in under 15 seconds literally like a house of cards, while ensuring no damage to neighboring buildings – the closest two being only nine meters away.

Edifice’s partner, Utkarsh Mehta, told PTI they are “150%” confident the towers will collapse safely and in the direction they envision, assuring residents of no damage to their homes, except for the risks of “aesthetic cracks”. ‘ on the exterior paints and coatings of certain structures.

On the number of options they had for the demolition of the Twin Towers, Mehta said there are basically three techniques to safely raze any structure of such magnitude: the diamond cutter, the use of robots and implosion.

“The technique is chosen based on three parameters – cost, time and safety,” he said.

He said the “diamond cutter” would have taken more than two years to completely demolish the Twin Towers safely, and would have cost five times more than the implosion method.

“There, we had to slowly take down every column, wall and beam from top to bottom using cranes,” Mehta said.

About the use of robotics, he said the technique would have caused a lot of noise over a period of one and a half to two years and would have disturbed residents of Emerald Court and the nearby ATS Village.

“Its cost would have been lower than the diamond cutter technique but higher than the implosion,” he said.

The Edifice boss said that since the Supreme Court also ordered that this project be done as soon as possible and without disturbing nearby residents, the implosion technique became the choice for the project.

“As Edifice and our South African expert partner Jet Demolitions also had precedence and experience in demolishing the Maradu complexes in Kochi, Kerala, we decided to go ahead accordingly,” he said. he adds.

The twin towers are being demolished under an August 2021 Supreme Court order which found that their construction on Emerald Court company premises was substandard.

More than 5,000 residents of Emerald Court and ATS Village – the two companies closest to the Twin Towers – will be evacuated at 7am on Sunday. Some 2,700 of their vehicles will also be removed from the premises and residents will also be required to bring their pets with them.

An exclusion zone will be created within a radius of up to 500 meters around the Twin Towers where no humans or animals would be allowed except for a team of Indian and foreign blasters engaged in the demolition.

More than 3,700 kg of explosives are used to implode the Apex and Ceyane towers, leaving behind around 55,000 to 80,000 tons of debris that would take at least three months to clear from the site.

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