N2 Applied’s Slurry Processing Technology Wins Award Nomination

A slurry treatment solution that turns slurry into nitrogen-rich fertilizer has been shortlisted for an award recognizing environmentally friendly technology.

Using a technique called plasma conversion, N2 Applied’s technology “locks” both methane and ammonia into liquid manure to produce sustainable fertilizer on the farm.

Plasma-treated fertilizer has been scientifically proven to reduce ammonia and methane emissions almost entirely. It also retains nitrogen to further eliminate the need to use chemical fertilizers while maintaining comparable crop yield.

Today, the company behind the technology has been nominated for the ‘Tech For Good’ award at the UK Business Tech Awards in recognition of its efforts to create an environmentally friendly solution.

Nick Humphries, Chief Agronomist and UK Director of N2 Applied, explained: “We have developed an innovative solution that uses only air and electricity to locally produce environmentally friendly fertilizers and at the same time stop methane and ammonia emissions from cattle manure. We believe this is the most efficient and integrated solution to the challenge.

The N2 unit, as the technology is called, has been used in the UK, Northern Europe and South Africa, with Scotland’s Rural College (SRUC) becoming the first UK buyer and Arla Foods UK conducting a trial in its innovation farm where he used technology to process manure from the farm’s 500-cow dairy herd.

The company’s recently published annual trial data on international trial sites has been independently assessed by scientists, including Oxford Agricultural Trials. It showed that the wheat crop used 85% of the nitrogen applied to fields via the company’s fertilizer, compared to 58% for a chemical ammonium nitrate fertilizer and 53% for untreated slurry.

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