Mythic QQ9, Dusk Operator Camo, and more

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Call of Duty Mobile mythical and legendary weapon blueprints are followed by cult fans. Many players go out of their way to spend CP (COD Points) on sweepstakes with exclusive camouflages due to their coveted status in this title. Such players would be delighted to learn that a few weeks ago, the arrival of Mythic QQ9 in season 3 was promised by Activision.

After the recent Rush update rollout, the developers didn’t wait long to release a highly anticipated Mythic Drop, Balanced Brilliance Draw, for the latest version of Call of Duty Mobile. The same has been discussed below.

Feel the energy of the QQ9 – Dual Kinetics Balanced Brilliance Draw live now! Call of Duty Mobile Mythic Drop Balanced Brilliance Draw: List of all rewards, total costs, and more Balanced Brilliance Mythic Drop (Image via Activision)

The Balanced Brilliance Draw brought a mythical weapon blueprint, QQ9 – Dual Kinetics, into Call of Duty Mobile Season 3. Its prize pool has the following 10 rewards; their initial ratings were also mentioned:

QQ9 – Dual Kinetics (Mythic Weapon Blueprint) – Rating 0.08% Twilight – Dark Design (Epic Operator Camo) – Rating 1.25% M4 – Polar Opposite (Epic Camo) – Rating 4.00% Flash Drone – Balancer (legendary camo) – Rating 4.67% J358 – Polar Opposite (Epic Camo) – Rating 5.50%Base Melee – Polar Opposite (Epic camo) – Rating 6.50%Ying and Yang Calling Card (Legendary item) – Rating 10.00% peach (Epic item) – Rating 11.00%Parachute – Polar Opposite (Epic camo) – Odds 28.00%Molecular Systems charm (Legendary item) – Odds 29.00%

Each item mentioned above can be acquired by spending COD Points on Draws. Every reward earned will be removed from the prize pool, and once players have received everything, they will unlock part 2 of the Mythic Drop.

This part of COD Mobile’s Balanced Brilliance Draw will allow players to upgrade their Mythic Weapon by obtaining upgrade materials such as Mythic Cards and Mythic Coins.

In Part 1, the main Balanced Brilliance Mythic Drop prize pool, each item will have an initial rating that will change with each draw. Although highly unlikely, a few lucky fans may win Mythic QQ9 without completing all rounds of the Balanced Brilliance Draw.

Here are the expected costs for each draw in Part 1 of Balanced Brilliance Draw:

First Round – 10 CPSecond Round – 30 CPThird Round – 50 CPFourth Round – 120 CPFifth Round – 200 CP Sixth Round – 320 CP Seventh Round – 520 CP Eighth Round – 960 CP Ninth Round – 1,300 CP T Ten Round – 2,300 CP

After completing Part 1, if players are interested in Mythic Drop Part 2, they must spend additional COD Points on Mythic Maps in Call of Duty Mobile.

Mythical QQ9 in Call of Duty Mobile (Image via Activision)

For the uninitiated, Mythic weapon blueprints in Call of Duty Mobile offer additional features like special effects for kill shows, after finishing an enemy, and more. Additionally, these exclusive guns come equipped with five attachments that enhance the performance of the base gun. On top of that, their upgrades unlock additional features.

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