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Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) is an international and independent medical humanitarian organization created in 1971 which provides emergency aid to people affected by armed conflicts, epidemics, health exclusion and natural disasters. The MSF movement is built around 5 operational centers, such as OCP (Paris) and OCBA (Barcelona), supported by 24 sections and offices around the world. The French section is present in around thirty countries.

For the MSF Field Simulation Project, we are looking for a: MIO – Mobile Implementation Officer for MSF OCP (Paris)

General context :

MSF’s ambition to elevate people-centred humanitarian assistance to the highest possible level while delivering quality lifesaving interventions remains a challenge in many contexts where health systems are fragile and access and resources are limited.

Simulation is the science and methodology of creating a realistic situation or environments similar to reality, to provoke experiences that allow people, in a controlled and safe space, to practice, learn, reflect, to design, test or understand human systems and/or gestures.

Therefore, at MSF, we are very interested in using simulation to develop skills, but also to reflect and solve those questions, challenges and problems that we face in our daily work, in order to define new ways of make and effect positive changes at the level of individuals, teams and the organization itself. In order to take advantage of the benefits of this methodology, we are working to integrate simulation into our daily work in the organization at all levels.

Since 20187, MSF OCBA has piloted MSF Field Simulation on a small scale, through a transformational investment capability (TIC) project, called Field Simulation Lab, which was implemented in two phases. During the first phase, the main objective was to test the application of simulation in a humanitarian context integrated with field operations. Phase 2 of the incubation TIC was more focused on exploring different strategies to build simulation capabilities and conducting an exercise to understand how simulation methodology can be integrated into the MSF ecosystem (e.g. working groups , other initiatives, strategies, departmental priorities, etc.).

Taking into account the growing interest in the use of simulation at MSF and the recognized factual benefits of simulation, MSF Field Simulation ICT works continuously to support the gradual increase in the use of simulation at MSF with the aim to contribute positively to the quality of the humanitarian medical aid that MSF provides to the population.

In 2022, MSF OCP decided to join MSF OCBA in the new MSF Field Simulation TIC. The main objective of OCP during this 2-year project is to learn from the experience of MSF Field Simulation OCBA and to integrate/disseminate simulation knowledge at all levels.

In 2023, an OCP Support Manager of the Simulation project was recruited for one year, in charge of managing the project through the development of a concrete project plan, implementation phases and objectives according to the ambitions ICT for OCP and the coordination of actions at headquarters and field levels.

Today, MSF Field Simulation ICT will expand activities by including 3 main areas and pillars:

Develop and implement simulation capacity building activities that include knowledge transfer to OCP, as well as the development of learning solutions to design, organize, facilitate and implement simulation programs according to best practices; Continue to gradually integrate simulation into the various identified MSF ecosystems (systems and processes), to contribute to the reflection, improvement and innovation of its medico-humanitarian activities; Continue to explore innovative uses of simulation in the field and at headquarters for the benefit of individuals, teams and the organization itself to positively impact the quality of humanitarian medical services.


This position will be hierarchically under the responsibility of the Program manager of the ICT Simulation OCBA, and functionally responsible for both the OCP Med and Ops departments and the OCP Support Manager of the Simulation project.

Initially, the primary focus of this position is to implement/support the implementation of Simulation Facilitator Training, simulation programs and support the day-to-day simulation integration process to support field operations. field.

In a second phase, this position will evolve as a Simulation Focal Point for OCP.

Activities and tasks

Preparation of field pilots: Prepare a schedule of field visits with projects adapted to each field context with the support of the Capacity building and deployment technician; Plan and prepare with the field teams the visit to implement simulation activities/programs, according to the needs identified by the field; Participate in the design of field scenarios. At the field level: Implement the training of simulation facilitators at the field level; Identify, with the field teams, the areas where the project could use simulation, depending on the activities and the needs of the project; Support field teams in planning a simulation program with the support of the capacity building and deployment technician; Integrate simulation activities adapted to the needs and context of the field. Monitoring and others: Monitoring activities of simulation programs implemented/planned in the field with the support of the capacity building and deployments technician; Participate in the support of trained local facilitators; Promote and make visible the benefit of simulation in the field; Participates in the collection, analysis and reporting of data; Be a member of the MSF Field Simulation COP and the platform.

Candidate Profile:

Education and experiences

Medical degree or nursing degree with at least 1 year of experience within MSF Field or other humanitarian organization (experience as a manager, and in emergency response an asset); Experience in the development of learning programs/activities and/or in carrying out similar tasks described above; Experience in facilitating simulation-based learning programs; Qualified training or certification in simulation and animation is an asset; Experience in designing, implementing and monitoring simulation-based learning programs in academic and/or professional contexts; especially in the medical field is an asset. Experience in the development of learning programs/activities and/or in carrying out similar tasks described above;


Strong communication, cross-cultural awareness, diplomacy, flexibility, analytical thinking, leadership Teamwork and cooperation; Flexibility and adaptability in a dynamic work environment; Essential computer skills (word, excel).


Fluent in English and French. Spanish and/or Arabic are highly appreciated


Status: 12 months Fixed-term contract (CDD); Field contract, salary based on the IRRFG (legal field framework) – level 13 (according to the MSF field salary grid and according to seniority and experience); Location: up to 80% of the time in MSF field operations and 20% at headquarters (Paris or Barcelona); Expected start date: early July 2023. How to apply

Please send your application (cover letter and CV) online to:

The application deadline is June 14, 2023

Please note that only selected candidates will be contacted

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