Military technology bolsters Iranian deterrence: Speaker of Parliament

TEHRAN – Speaker of Iran’s Parliament has pointed out that military technology is the source of enhanced deterrence capability and promotion of the nation’s spirit and dignity.

Mohammad Baqer Qalibaf made the comments while inspecting a military industry exhibit at the Defense Industries Organization on Saturday.

Brigadier General Mohammad-Reza Gharaei Ashtiani, Minister of Defence, and some of the directors of his ministry were addressed by the speaker, who expressed his gratitude on behalf of all for the defense equipment which increased the deterrent power.

“We are also proud of our self-reliance, which boosts the national confidence of the Iranian people, and the military sector is an example of the country’s progress as envisioned based on the goals of the Islamic revolution,” the speaker remarked. .

The head of the legislature went on to say that the defensive doctrine of the Islamic Republic is based on maintaining peace and stability as well as defending underdeveloped countries.

“…we do not seek expansionism, but we will retaliate strongly against any malicious acts and invasions,” Qalibaf stressed.

He went on to say that, as has been observed all over the world, significant advancements, platform changes and the use of new technologies are occurring in the armed forces and military sectors of countries, and that knowledge and advanced technologies are then passed on to other sectors.

Qalibaf, a former military commander, pointed out that the foundation of the Islamic Republic’s defense rests on the support of the people, and that the nation’s adversaries are well aware that the greatness of the Islamic Republic stems from the close connection between the establishment and the people. As a result, the top lawmaker said, adversaries are using economic and psychological warfare to try to create tension between the two axes of the Islamic Republic.

However, he claimed, the public support and spirit during the holy defense (8-year Iran-Iraq war) helped the Islamic Republic to scare away its opponents.

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