Mel B Subtly Reveals The 5 Spice Girls Are Reuniting For The First Time In 11 Years

Stop now, thank you very much. It’s been 11 years since the five Spice Girls graced the stage together at the closing ceremony of the 2012 London Olympics. They then embarked on a hugely successful Spice World tour in 2019, but Victoria Beckham was not part of it. shows. Now, in the news we’ve all been waiting for, there might just be a reunion of all the original band members on the way. Yes, Posh Spice included.

In an interview with The Sun, published on May 25, Mel B claimed Beckham would be joining the band for a reunion project. She told the outlet, “My theory is if I say it enough, it will happen. But in fact, we are planning to release a statement.” Beckham – who recently revealed she refuses to let her husband see her without pulling her eyebrows – has been absent from previous projects due to her focus on her fashion and beauty brands.

Although it’s not yet known what the upcoming project will be, Mel B has hinted that it should be big. “What it is, I can’t say right now because we’re just finishing perfecting what the five of us are going to do together,” she said. “But it’s going to be something the fans will really love.” Representatives for the Spice Girls did not immediately respond to POPSUGAR’s request for comment.

Mel B isn’t the only band member to have suggested a reunion might be on the way. Emma Bunton took to Instagram on May 24 to share a throwback video of the band performing in Dublin in 2019 on their final reunion tour. In what appeared to be a soft start to their alleged reunion, the singer wrote, “Can’t believe it’s been four years since we kicked off #Spiceworld2019 in Dublin! It was such a special night 💕💕 💕 Thank you to everyone who came on the tour and sang and danced with us! Let’s do it again!”

The five-piece band have shown their closeness over the years – “friendship never ends”, after all. Four of the five members partied together for Geri Horner’s 50th birthday last year, and Beckham was definitely spotted warming up those vocal cords with a bit of Spice Girls karaoke. Is it exaggerated to think that another tour could take place? Or a comeback show? At the very least, a commemorative T-shirt?

Although the group is the best-selling girl group of all time, Mel B also revealed that they are planning their reunion project via “a WhatsApp group”. It’s also a method of communication that boy group One Direction uses, as reunion rumors surround them as well. No matter what the Spice Girls have up their sleeves, we “Wannabe” there.

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