LucidLink, AJA, and Telestream Simplify Workflows Allowing Media and Entertainment Companies to Work From Anywhere, in Tandem

Provides direct access to data, media professionals can work in high resolution and high-speed media files over the Internet

SAN FRANCISCO, September 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — LucidLink, a global leader in remote collaboration software for creative teams, announced with AJA Video Systems and Telestream the fastest way to access, organize and visualize data in a workflow. easy work. LucidLink Filespaces, an award-winning SaaS solution, provides rapid data access through AJA Diskover Media Edition in conjunction with Telestream GLIM and the Vantage platform. LucidLink serves as a central hub uniting what are typically two disparate systems creating seamless workflows never before possible for media professionals.

“We are excited to showcase this powerful solution for media professionals at IBC 2022,” said Rupert Watson, Director of Alliances and Channels at LucidLink, EMEA. “Bringing together innovative technologies from AJA, Telestream and LucidLink into a single workflow brings new capabilities to creative teams. Now teams can work in tandem on the same project, giving them the power to truly collaborate and to create in real time, no matter where they are based.”

One workflow from three powerful solutions
The companies have come together to create a powerful solution for media professionals: LucidLink’s centralized data repository provides immediate access to data combined with AJA Diskover Media Edition, which helps catalog and find the right file while customers use Telestream GLIM to review data and Vantage for transcoding. . The combination offers great speed; LucidLink enables remote workers around the world to share and access data at speeds normally only available in high-speed on-premises storage. AJA Diskover Media Edition in addition to LucidLink enables organizations to very quickly index extremely large file systems stored via LucidLink and gives users visibility into the data no matter where it resides, but without the security risks associated with full and potentially destructive access to data. .

Simply put, these combined technologies enable media professionals to access, organize and visualize data in a simple workflow.

“The media and entertainment industry is bottlenecked with complex data management across production and post-production, while remote workflows present additional challenges for managing file locations and metadata to the cloud AJA Diskover Media Edition removes the barriers associated with data management, helping industry professionals work more efficiently and make more informed decisions Our partnership with LucidLink further simplifies storage navigation by cloud, allowing remote teams to seamlessly collaborate through a streamlined workflow similar to using on-premises storage.By pairing Diskover Media Edition with LucidLink, users can move immediately from viewing media and metadata to continuing production assets with tools like Telestream’s Vantage package,” said D Nick RashbyPresident, AJA Video Systems.

LucidLink Filespaces: The Future of Cloud Storage Streaming for Teams
LucidLink Filespaces provides an infinitely scalable centralized data repository in the cloud, immediately accessible from anywhere. LucidLink works on any major operating system. The customer can install it on any server, laptop or workstation and mount it as a local volume. As a mount point on a server, LucidLink provides a standard directory structure and instant data access for all those different services that have never been able to integrate seamlessly. LucidLink enables AJA’s Diskover and Telestreams GLIM and Vantage servers, located in different parts of the world, to easily access data and work in concert with each other.

Telestream GLIM helps creative professionals quickly preview high-quality media files with color accuracy through any web browser – without generating a proxy file. With direct access and the ability to launch the player in AJA Diskover Media Edition, professionals can easily view and validate files located on-premises or in cloud storage, indexed by Diskover Media Edition as associated metadata. All files are displayed with SCTE-35 markers, waveform view, and audio metering to ensure on-the-fly standards compliance for any user, anywhere.

Access to Telestream’s powerful Vantage platform via AJA Diskover Media Edition v2.0 gives remote workers access to centralized tools to generate proxy files or transcode media assets for streaming. Users can now select files and send them to an on-premises or cloud-based Telestream Vantage system to create proxies or transcode assets, regardless of user, file, or Vantage system location. Combined with AJA Diskover Media Edition’s global index, the plug-in speeds up workflows by eliminating back and forth between applications and streamlining files.

LucidLink will be exhibiting at IBC 2022 (Hall 7, Booth B06). For more information or to schedule a briefing with LucidLink at IBC 2022, please contact Clare Pleated at [email protected].

About LucidLink
LucidLink offers an innovative cloud file service designed specifically for extended remote data access. LucidLink Filespaces offers best-in-class security and high-performance scalability to run file-based workloads on object storage for maximum efficiency and productivity. The service is compatible with Microsoft Azure Blob and any Amazon S3 compatible object storage provider that uses cloud, on-premises or hybrid storage. It supports all major operating systems including Linux, Windows, and macOS. Investors include Baseline Ventures, Headline, Adobe, Bright Cap Ventures, Bain Capital Ventures, S28 Capital and Fathom Capital. LucidLink is a private company headquartered in San Francisco, Californiawith offices at Bulgaria, Europeand Australia.

About AJA Video Systems, Inc.
Since 1993, AJA Video has been a leading manufacturer of video interface technology, converters, digital video recording solutions and professional cameras, providing high quality, cost-effective products to the professional, broadcast and video markets. post production. AJA products are designed and manufactured in our facilities in Grass Valley, California, and sold through an extensive network of resellers and system integrators worldwide. For more information, please visit our website at www.aja.com.

About AJA Diskover Media Edition
AJA Diskover Media Edition is a powerful and essential tool for M&E organizations in the era of remote work and for navigating the explosion of industry-wide data creation. Creative facilities manage a mix of on-premises storage, cloud storage, long-term archival storage, and everyone works in different locations around the world. Yet the need for fast access to data and multimedia resources still exists. AJA Diskover Media Edition provides organizations with these capabilities and more. For more details visit: www.aja.com/products/aja-diskover-media-edition.

For more information about LucidLink, please contact [email protected]. follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn and visit us at www.lucidlink.com.

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