Kmart launches 5-in-1 Salad Maker to rave reviews: Here’s how it works and how much it costs

Kmart shoppers are going wild over a new kitchen purchase that has just landed in stores, with some calling it the retail giant’s ‘greatest gadget ever’.

Kmart enthusiasts have flooded social media with rave reviews of its new 5-in-1 Salad Maker, which retails for $35.

WATCH ABOVE: How Kmart’s new 5-in-1 salad maker works

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The gadget is a motorized vegetable chopper and comes with two slicing blades and three grating blades – all of different sizes and widths.

A Kmart fan – who uses the handle @ameliashomeedit – shared her rave review of the cheap buy on TikTok, saying it was “pretty impressive”.

“It’s new, it’s Kmart, it’s Salad Maker 5 in 1,” she said in her latest video, which has garnered over 100,000 views.

The gadget retails at Kmart for $35. Credit: ameliashomeedit/TikTok

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“I love Kmart…they make some really good stuff for a really cheap price. This is a great example. It’s like $30 and it works really well.

“It’s not huge, it’s not bulky, it won’t take up too much space in your closet, so you won’t have to bother pulling it out to use it. It works really well.

“Now there are two blades for slicing…then there are three blades for grating.

“One of the three grates very finely. Look, it’s an uncooked sweet potato and it goes straight through.

“Not bad for 30 bucks something, come on. Pretty impressive.

The gadget comes with color coded blades. Credit: ameliashomedit/TikTok

The TikTok user went on to say that the gadget has many uses – not just for making salad.

“I would use it 100% all the time for salads, but also for other things,” she said.

“As this sweet potato went through easily, you can definitely cut chips and all that kind of stuff. He’s powerful enough to do that.

“I think sometimes those cheap models don’t have the power, this one definitely has the power.

“I really like how everything is color coded and it has its own little storage container in the back, so it looks good if you want to keep it on the bench.”

The gadget makes the job of slicing onions easy – no tears! Credit: ameliashomeedit/TikTok

She also said that the different parts of the salad maker were easy to clean.

“I popped the pieces in the dishwasher – I don’t know what the instructions say, but it went well. And I’m living on the brink! she says.

Other TikTok users said they wanted to get their hands on one.

“Wow, that’s impressive for the price – I’ll definitely go to Kmart tomorrow,” one said.

Another said: “Then have one.”

A third added: “Shut up and take my money!”

The gadget has three blades for grating vegetables. Credit: ameliashomedit/TikTok

Other Kmart fans said they already bought the new purchase and gave it rave reviews.

“I bought this last week and it’s by far the best gadget I’ve ever bought from Kmart,” said one Facebook user. “I use it every night.”

Another said. “I got it and I love it. Do yourself a favor. received no monetary benefit from this content.

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