Katy expansion includes a new target, entertainment, thousands of new homes and more


August 31, 2022

By Natalie Cook-Clark

From new commercial developments to fast growing planned communities, Katy is experiencing massive growth. Yet with strong economic growth and an influx of newcomers, Katy is proud to retain its small-town charm.

Photo courtesy of Cane Island.

“The Town of Katy is a vibrant and growing community,” said Katy Mayor William “Dusty” Thiele. “We pride ourselves on maintaining a small town feel and strive to preserve the traditions and heritage of Historic Katy.”

City of Katy Building More Entertainment, Business

One of the most exciting new developments underway is the Katy Boardwalk off Kingsland Boulevard and just south of I-10. It is near Katy Mills and when completed will have a conference center with a hotel, restaurants and retail space. Luxury residential lofts, the Promenade Lofts are already open. The centerpiece of the development is a 90 acre lake and nature reserve.

Katy’s popular restaurants like Scholars and Scoundrels and Brett’s Barbecue Shop will be some of the businesses that will enter the District’s Boardwalk Crossing area at 24566 Kingsland Boulevard. 1776- The Steakhouse will also open. They are a fine dining restaurant and a newcomer to Katy.

Although this project has experienced delays, construction has recently resumed on the next phase of the trail and is widening the roads around it. The convention center and hotel have not shared any recent updates.

“There is a lot of activity between Interstate 90 and I-10 to Woods Road and we are seeing a lot of interest in this area for commercial development,” Mayor Thiele said. “We also look forward to the development of Pederson Tract.”

Mayor Thiele hopes the new commercial development west of Katy will boost the local economy and provide employment opportunities for the citizens of Katy.

While so many new commercial projects have experienced delays during the pandemic, urban drainage projects have never experienced delays.

“Drainage projects are always a priority for the City of Katy and have never been delayed during the pandemic,” says Mayor Thiele, who says the few municipal projects that were delayed are now back on track.

Newcomers flock to Katy as in the fast-growing planned community of Elyson. Photo credit: Elyson by Newland.

Katy ISD works to keep up with residential developments

Along with the growth of the city and business, Katy sees an increase in residential communities. Katy ISD adds new schools to keep up with growth.

“The Katy Independent School District provides excellent educational opportunities, and the City of Katy and Katy ISD continue to work together to meet the educational needs of our children,” Mayor Thiele said.

Elementary #45 (25600 Longenbaugh Road) and Elementary #46 (25615 Clay Road) are both scheduled to open in fall 2023. Junior High #18 and High School #10 will be located at Longenbaugh Road and Katy Hockley Road bordering Elyson.

Steve and Elaine Robertson Elementary School. Photo courtesy of Cane Island.

Steve and Elaine Robertson Elementary, the 44th elementary school in the district, welcomed students to Cane Island this year. The popular planned community continues to grow and is around 70% complete, but the developer says it’s difficult to set a construction schedule because future growth depends on market conditions.

Thousands of new homes planned for Katy region

To date, there have been 1,499 home sales and they anticipate 2,100 homes to be built. This year alone, there have been 168 home sales.

On the west side of Katy and throughout Fulshear, Cross Creek Ranch continues to grow and bring new owners to the Katy area. The community still reaches into Katy ISD territory with schools such as Jordan High School.

Cross Creek Ranch currently has over 4,900 owners living in the community. When completed, approximately 6,000 homeowners will settle in Cross Creek Ranch. The final 4 sections are expected to be delivered to builders in 2023. This year, a total of 275 families moved into their new construction home at Cross Creek Ranch.

The community has experienced and continues to experience significant road development to accommodate growth.

The Texas Heritage Parkway opened in August 2021 and connects FM 1093 / Westpark Tollway to I-10. Cross Creek Ranch has access to the Texas Heritage Parkway via Fulshear Bend. A second access point (Morgan Spur) should open by the end of this year. Westpark Tollway / FM 1093 is now 4 lanes from downtown Fulshear. FM 1463 is being expanded.

The northwest quadrant of Katy continues to experience considerable growth. Communities such as Elyson and the new Sunterra have contributed to Katy ISD’s need to build new schools in this area.

A new super target is well under construction at 99 and FM 529. More business and entertainment will come around it. Photo: Google Maps.

Elyson at 99 and FM 529 opened in 2016 and currently has 1,900 owners. The main planned community developed by the same people behind Cinco Ranch plans to have 6,000 upon completion. FM 529 is slated for expansion to meet the demand for such growth.

They welcomed 483 new families to Elyson in 2021 and 275 additional families so far in 2022.

In addition to three new Katy ISD schools being built to reach the community, Harmony School of Excellence opened this school year off Elyson Falls Dr.

Elyson has many new businesses opening in 2022, including Target, Ballet Elle, Contemporary Eye Care, Scholars and Scoundrels, and Alchemy Bake Lab.

Sunterra, along Pitts and Clay Road, is currently in Phase 1 of its development. There will be a total of approximately 7,100 residential sites during construction. So far they have built 500 houses of which 211 now live.

To accommodate the growth and anticipated traffic, developer Land Tejas partnered with Waller and Harris counties to expand Clay Road between Bartlett and Pitts Road.

And other developments continue to build and add to Katy’s growth like Katy Lakes, Camillo Lakes, and more. The city will continue to expand its services to accommodate growth.

“The Public Safety Department, Public Works Department, Parks Department, Social Services Department and City of Katy Administrative Departments strive every day to meet the needs of our citizens,” Mayor Thiele said. .

What new businesses or residential developments are you excited about?

“The Town of Katy is very proud of the services we provide to our community,” said Mayor Thiele. “The health, safety and well-being of our families is our priority.”


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