International Day of Happiness: Wellness apps and gadgets

March 20 is recognized by the United Nations as the International Day of Happiness. Since 2013, the UN has celebrated this day to mark the importance of happiness in everyone’s life. As part of the International Day of Happiness, the United Nations encourages policies that take into account the aspirations and general happiness of people around the world. This year’s theme for the International Day of Happiness is “Be Aware”. Be grateful. Be kind.’ In this article, we bring you the best wellness apps and gadgets for maintaining mindfulness and general fitness.

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International Day of Happiness: Headspace Wellness Apps

You may have heard of Headspace before. This mindfulness and meditation app helps you relax and guides you through your meditation session, breathing exercises and more, wherever you are. Headspace has a huge library of soothing ambient sounds for meditation and sleep. It even helps you with your breathing during guided meditation. If you’re on the go, you can do a quick 3-minute meditation session with Headspace. Although primarily a meditation app, Headspace also offers cardio workout plans.

Calm – Sleep, Meditate, Relax

Calm helps you fit meditation and breathing exercises into your schedule with its quick and easy sessions. The app has a huge collection of soothing sounds, relaxation music, sleep stories, breathing, and stretching exercises to help you relax and center yourself. You can schedule your own sessions and choose the duration that best suits your routine. Calm also offers specialized programs for beginners to help them on their journey.

Simple Habit: Meditation

Simple Habit is a wellness app that offers guided meditation sessions, sleep therapy, and coaching from world-renowned experts. Simple Habit offers you mediation sessions guided by Google experts and former monks. A premium subscription to Simple Habit gives you access to offline meditation sessions. You will also find tons of motivational talks on this app. Simple Habit also has an On-the-Go feature that helps you quickly calm your anxiety with a quick mindfulness session.

Serenity: Guided meditation

Serenity offers a free 7-day audio course to help you learn all the skills needed to incorporate mindful meditation into your routine. Serenity’s quick meditation sessions help you relieve stress and anxiety after a long day. One of the advantages of using Serenity is that it does not require you to register or log in to use its services. Although there are no subscription plans, some content is locked behind a paywall and requires a one-time purchase to use.

International Day of Happiness: beatXP Wellness Gadgets Bolt Deep Tissue Massage Gun

Price: Rs 1,699

This deep tissue massage gun relieves muscle pain and stress throughout the body. The beatXP Deep Tissue Massage Gun comes with 4 professional-grade attachments that cover all areas of the body, from neck, spine and shoulders to knuckles, palms, feet and soles. If you work at a desk that requires long hours of sitting in your chair, this massage gun will come in handy and take care of any muscle tension or pain.

OnePlus North Watch

Price: Rs 4,999

OnePlus Nord Watch has everything you would expect from a fitness tracker and comes at a very affordable price. The smartwatch comes with an activity tracker, heart rate monitor, stress monitor, SpO2 monitor and sleep tracker. It is designed to track up to 105 workout routines which include walking, running, climbing, cycling and even sports like cricket, football, badminton etc. OnePlus Nord Watch also gives you a detailed breakdown of your sleep pattern. You can even practice breathing exercises using this smartwatch.

HidrateSpark Pro Smart Water Bottle

Price: Rs 10,999

Hydration is important. To make sure you’re hydrated at consistent intervals, this smart water bottle lights up to remind you to drink water. The HidrateSpark Pro has an LED smart sensor puck at the bottom that glows to remind you to drink water. The bottle also tracks your water intake by syncing with the HidrateSpark app. The app can also be used to customize puck colors and create interesting patterns.

Omrom Digital Blood Pressure Monitor

Price: Rs 1,849

While smartwatches make great health trackers, blood pressure monitoring is a key health feature that most smart wearables lack. Keeping an eye on your blood pressure gives you a good idea of ​​your overall health. The Omrom Digital Blood Pressure Monitor is an effective device that gives accurate readings of your blood pressure. This device uses IntelliSense technology for comfortable cuff inflation. You do not need to set the pressure beforehand. This product also comes with a 3 year warranty.

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These are the best wellness apps and gadgets to help you maintain mindfulness as well as fitness. Which app or device from this list do you find the most beneficial? Let us know in the comments!

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