Importance of Emporiatrics for Public Health: A Review


Please select I am not a healthcare professional. Allergy and Immunology Anatomy Anesthesiology Cardiac/Thoracic/Vascular Surgery Cardiology Critical Care Dentistry Dermatology Diabetes and Endocrinology Emergency Medicine Epidemiology and Public Health Family Medicine Forensic Medicine Gastroenterology General Medicine Genetics Geriatrics Health Policy Hematology HIV/AIDS Hospital Medicine I am not not a professional doctor. Infectious diseases Integrative/complementary medicine Internal medicine Internal medicine-paediatrics Medical training and simulation Medical physics Medical student Nephrology Neurological surgery Neurology Nuclear medicine Nutrition Obstetrics and gynecology Occupational health Oncology Ophthalmology Optometry Oral medicine Orthopedics Osteopathic medicine Otolaryngology Health management pain Palliative care Pathology Pediatrics Pediatric surgery Physics Medicine and rehabilitation Plastic surgery Podiatry Preventive medicine Psychiatry Psychology Pneumology Radio-oncology Radiology Rheumatology Drug addiction Surgery Therapeutic Traumatology Urology Miscellaneous

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