Iam Tongi enjoys the “drama” of his hit American Idol | Entertainment

Iam Tongi is enjoying the ‘drama’ surrounding his ‘American Idol’ win.

The 18-year-old singer won season 21 of the show earlier this week, and Iam laughed off suggestions the show was rigged.

He told DailyMail.com: “A lot of people say, ‘Colin Stough was robbed’ or whatever. And I love that.”

Iam relied on the advice of his late father, Rodney – who died in 2021 – as he learns to deal with his critics.

He shared, “My dad always told me that your music isn’t for everyone. There will be people who won’t like it and that’s okay, that’s normal.

“Everyone has their own opinion. Everyone can think what they think. So that’s fine.”

Iam insisted there was no hard feelings between him and Colin.

He said: “I love Colin man, he’s such a nice guy. I’m going to see him again, we’re going to hang out and have fun again.

“But yes… it makes me happy to see that people like other styles of music as much as I do. They like Colin as much as I do. [that they say], ‘He should have won.’ And that makes me happy.”

Iam emerged as the winner of the show’s 21st season after wowing judges and TV audiences with his performance of Spawnbreezie’s “Don’t Let Go.”

He also wowed the judges with his rendition of “Making Memories of Us,” which he says is one of his parents’ favorite songs.

The performance received a standing ovation from the judges and Katy Perry was visibly moved by the song.

She said, “I don’t think it matters what I say.”

Lionel Richie was full of praise for the high school student, admitting he was overcome with emotion.

He shared, “You’re an amazing storyteller. And like Katy – I hate to say it – why am I sitting here tearing up a song I already know…but you have a great delivery.”

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