Humanitarian Technology Center partners with Zendesk to increase humanitarian assistance in Ukraine

CUPERTINO, Calif., August 30, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The Humanitarian Technology Center (CFHT), a non-profit organization providing free technology and operational solutions to global humanitarian organizations, today announced its partnership with Zen office. Together, CFHT and Zendesk are leveraging technology to enable relief organizations in Ukraine to increase their capacity and impact.

The first collaboration between CFHT and Zendesk is the development and implementation of a custom technology solution for Step with Hope (Крок з надією), a Ukrainian humanitarian organization serving displaced people and refugees. CFHT replaced Step with Hope’s manual phone call center with a Telegram messaging-based operations center powered by Zendesk’s ticketing system.

“CFHT and Zendesk’s partnership and collaborative solutions have a direct and ongoing impact on Step with Hope’s operations and the displaced people we support,” said Inna Kampen, director of Step with Hope. “Having technology and operations experts really get to know our organization, our challenges, our needs – and then create a custom solution – has allowed us to help more families in need more efficiently and effectively. precision.”

The custom intake system, designed, deployed and operated by CFHT using Zendesk technology licenses, streamlines a previously time-consuming manual process, increasing Step with Hope’s humanitarian capacity. This allows volunteers to spend more time matching requests to appropriate evacuation centers and working directly with displaced people and refugees. In July alone, more than 1,200 families received food aid by requesting support via the CFHT platform.

“Working with Zendesk to provide a custom technology solution for Step with Hope was a deeply meaningful and successful first assignment for the Center for Humanitarian Technology,” said Dean Hamilton, Founder and Executive Director of CFHT. “CFHT was founded to provide technology and operational solutions like this, helping to make humanitarian organizations already on the ground doing incredibly important work even more efficient and impactful.”

Step with Hope operates 20 evacuation centers across Ukraine that provide humanitarian aid, including evacuation assistance and the distribution of food, hygiene products and medicine. The organization received hundreds of new requests a day from families in need of humanitarian assistance following the Russian invasion of Ukraine, a conflict that has created 7 million internally displaced persons and 13 million refugees to date. Urgent requests for food and other necessities are now received by Step with Hope using streamlined and scalable technology and processes.

“We are grateful to the amazing CFHT volunteers for connecting our products to organizations operating in Ukraine who can use them to streamline the processes through which they provide critical assistance,” said Alana Ramo, director of Zendesk’s Tech for Good program. “We look forward to partnering with CFHT on future projects designing custom technology solutions for nonprofit organizations operating in Ukraine and all over the world.”

CFHT and Zendesk are excited to provide more organizations with formalized processes, supported by enabling technology platforms, and to maximize the impact of volunteer and charitable resources, helping to fulfill CFHT’s mission and corporate commitment. social impact of Zendesk.

About the Humanitarian Technology Center

The Center for Humanitarian Technology is a nonprofit organization that harnesses the power of volunteer engineering, technology, and operations experts to power humanitarian organizations. CFHT develops, deploys and operates information and communication technologies to support scalable humanitarian emergency relief efforts. For more information on CFHT or to find out how to become a partner or donor, please visit www.cfht.orgContact Jeannie Elliot at 214.695.6930 or [email protected]or follow the CFHT on LinkedIn, TwitterInstagram or Facebook.

SOURCE Humanitarian Technology Center

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