How to turn off safe mode on your Android phone?

While searching for solutions and fixes for common smartphone issues, you might have come across the suggestion to restart your phone in safe mode. Restarting your phone in this mode disables all third-party apps on your device to make it easier for you to track down the source of the problem. If the problem persists in safe mode, it means that third-party apps are not responsible for it. Once you figure that out, you’ll want to return to normal mode where you can use all installed apps. In this article, we provide you with different ways to turn off safe mode on your Android phone or tablet.

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How to enter safe mode?

Step 1: Press and hold the side key until you see Power options.

Step 2: Press and hold “Power off” option.

Step 3: The “Safe Mode” option will now appear on the screen. Press it.

Your Android smartphone will restart in safe mode.

How to turn off safe mode?

Once Safe Mode is enabled, there are several ways you can disable it. When you’re done troubleshooting your phone, here’s how you can turn it off in safe mode.

Disable safe mode by restarting your phone

The easiest way to disable safe mode is to restart your smartphone. Simply press and hold the side key and select “Restart” from the list of options. Your phone will automatically restart in normal mode this time. If a long press on the side key triggers the Google Assistant on your smartphone, press the side key and the volume up button at the same time to access the power options.

Disable safe mode from the notification panel

Another quick way to exit safe mode on your Android smartphone is to use the notification panel option. All you have to do is swipe down from the status bar and tap the notification to turn off safe mode. Confirm your selection in the next pop-up window.

Unable to turn off safe mode? Try this method

If your phone refuses to restart normally after trying the two methods mentioned above, you will need to factory reset your smartphone. If your phone also malfunctions in safe mode, that means third-party apps are not the culprit. There is a problem with the system files on your device. A factory reset will restore your device to its default settings. It will also erase all your personal data on the smartphone. Once your phone is reset, it will restart and you will need to sign in again with your Google account.

Frequently Asked Questions How do you remove safe mode?

To turn off safe mode on your Android smartphone, simply restart your device by pressing the side key and selecting “Restart” from the power options. You can also disable it from the notification panel.

Why can’t I turn off safe mode?

If your phone’s system files have been corrupted, it may refuse to exit safe mode. You will have to factory reset your smartphone in this scenario.

What happens in safe mode?

When your phone is in safe mode, it disables all third-party apps that you have installed on it. This is useful for troubleshooting your device.

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Here’s how to turn off safe mode on your Android phone or tablet. You can use safe mode to determine if a third-party app is causing your smartphone to malfunction unexpectedly. If your phone works fine in safe mode, that means one of the third-party apps is to blame. Go through your list of apps and start by deleting the most recent ones. It’s a bit difficult to determine which application is causing the problem. If you don’t want to go through this, just factory reset your device.

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