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Hillary Clinton doesn’t “hate” President Donald Trump.

The ‘Gutsy’ star – who made the Apple TV Plus series with daughter Chelsea Clinton, 42 – “absolutely” abhors the former leader of the free world’s politics and what he encourages, such as the violence for which he was deposed. when certifying President Joe Biden’s election victory in January last year, but doesn’t personally dislike him after beating her in 2016.

After being asked if she hates the 76-year-old ex-commander-in-chief, the 74-year-old politician told PEOPLE magazine: “I don’t hate him. I absolutely oppose his demagoguery, his dangerous rhetoric, to his narcissism as it is played out in our political system. I find that what he himself has done, and what he has encouraged, is a clear and present danger to our country, and I love our country.

Hillary doesn’t think her opposition to Trump is ‘personal’ but has denounced his ‘dangerous’ actions, such as calling out white supremacists at the 2017 Charlottesville rally – where Heather Heyer died after being run over by a member of the alt-right – “good people”.

She said: “It’s not personal. I mean, he’s said and done so many things that I think are dangerous, and I’ll do my best to speak out against that and encourage people to stand up against it.”

Chelsea insisted on the importance of not giving in to “hate” and being nicer.

She said: “Donald Trump hasn’t just weaponized hate, he’s really integrated and integrated hate into our political, cultural, social and even normative discourse. And so I think that’s really important – for those of ‘between us who find his demagoguery, his narcissism, his hate apparatus so anathema to what we believe to be right and good and just and in fact fundamentally American when we are at our best – so as not to succumb to hate in us, because I think it weakens our position, weakens our ability to effectively oppose his actions.

“I think it’s important not to give in to personal hatred – even though I find his machinations of hatred so deeply troubling – to focus on what’s troubling and try to counter that and then try to anticipate it without succumbing to the temptation of hatred.”

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