Here’s why everyone is talking about ‘The Idol’ | Albany Herald Entertainment

(CNN) – There’s a new mega show on HBO next month – about the music industry, fame and lots and lots of sex.

It’s called “The Idol,” and while the show hasn’t made its public debut yet, it’s already made headlines.

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k9ams6DA:E6 ?682E:G6 C6G:6HD 2?5 2==682E:@?D[ E96 DE2CD 92G6 DE@@5 3J ‘%96 x5@=’k^9am

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kAm“{6G:?D@? 2AA=:6D 9:D 677:4:6?E 2?5 ALREADY=:D9 5:C64E:@? E@ 6G6CJ D46?6]$@>6 @7 E96> 92G6 >>@>6?EF>[ @E96CD 2C6 4@?EC25:[email protected] 2?5 >@DE @7 E96> 2C6 4@?7FD:?8[” k2 9C67lQ9EEADi^^HHH]9@==JH@@[email protected]]4@>^EG^EG\C6G:6HD^E96\:5@=\C6G:6H\=:=J\[email protected]\56AA\2?5\E96 \H66@C6\C68C6DD:G6\E92?\EC2?D8C6DD:G6\`abdchfeed^Q E2C86ElQ03=2?6C2 [email protected]:?8 7 =2D96D @7 96C 3C62DED @C 2DD]*@F DE2CE E@ H@?56C:7 E9:D:D 3F:=5:?8 E@ 2?JE9:?8[ 2?5 3J 6A:[email protected] EH@ :E D66>D =:<6=J E92E :E’D [email protected]=J [email protected]]”k ^ Am

kAm’2C:6EJ 42==65 E96 [email protected] 2 “[email protected]:5 >2=6 72?E2DJ[” k2 9C67lQ9EEADi^^G2C:6EJ]4@>^a_ab^EG^C6G:6HD^E96\:5@=\C6G:6H\E96\H66<6 568C252E:@? 2?5 DF776C:?8 E@ >2<6 [email protected]=J? DEC@?86C]'[email protected]:2' 2F5:6?46D H@?'E 36 E@@ DFCAC:D65 3J E96 D92>67F= H2J W{6G:?D@?X EC62ED s6AA’D 492C24E6C[ 2D [email protected] D96 2?5 E96 [email protected] 2AA62C EC2AA65 F?56C %96 (66<?5’D E9F>3]”k ^ Am

kAm~E96CD 92G6 AFE :E >@C6 3=F?E=J[ D:>A=J 42==:?8 E96 [email protected] k2 9C67lQ9EEADi^^E96A=2J=:DE]?6E^E96\:5@=\C6G:6H\D2>\=6G:?D@?D\4CF56\[email protected]@42E:@?\H:E9\E96\H66

kAmqFE [email protected] :?G@=G65 92G6 DE@@5 3J {6G:?D@? 2?5 “%96 x5@=]”k^Am

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kAm%6D72J6 2=D@ k2 9C67lQ9EEADi^^5625=:?6]4@>^a_ab^_d^E96\:5@=\3C:E?6J\DA62CD\D2>\=6G:?D@? \E96\H66\76DE:G2=\`abdbfeed_^Q E2C86ElQ03=2?[ D2J:?8i “(6 :?:E:2==J H2?E65 E@ >2<6 2 52C<[ EH:DE65 72:CJ E2=6 H:E9 E96 >FD:4 :?5FDECJ 2?5 6G6CJE9:?8 x <[email protected] [email protected] :E[ 2?5 96:89E6? :E]”k ^ Am

kAmw2?< pK2C:2 2=D@ 42==65 9:DE:>6@? E96 [email protected] “E96 @[email protected]:E6” @7 2 [email protected]:4 D6E[ H9:=6 y2?6 p52>D 42==65 {6G:?D@? k2 9C67lQ9EEADi^^HHH]=2E:>6D]4@>^6?E6CE2:?>6?E\2CED^EG^[email protected]^a_ab\_d\ab^D2>\=6G:?D@?\E96\:5@ =\93@\[email protected]\[email protected]?\2==682E:@?D\42??6DQ E2C86ElQ03=2?

kAm“x’> 86EE:?8 G6CJ FAD6E:? E9:[email protected]:6EJ[” p52>D D2:5] “r2 ? H6 ;FDE 4C62E6n r2 ? H6 86E >6DDJ 2?5 36 7C66 E@ E9:?

kAm{6G:?D@?[ [email protected] 9:D A2CE[ 5:5?’E 2AA62C AF3=:4=J 4@?46C?65 2E E96 r2??6D AC6DD 4@?76C6?46] w6 D2:5 27E6C 9:DH:76 C625 9:> E96 #@==:?8 $E@?6 2CE:4=6[ 96 E@=5 96Ci “x E9:?< H6’C6 [email protected] E@ 92G6 E96 3:886DE [email protected] @7 E96 DF>>6C]”k ^ Am

k9am%9:D :D?’E E96 7:CDE E:>6 $2> {6G:?D@? 92D 366? F?56C E96 >:[email protected]@A6k^9am

kAm{6G:?D@? 😀 >@DE >J\H:??:?8 9:E [email protected] “[email protected]:2[” DE2CC:?8 +6?52J2[ 32D65 @? 2? k2 9C67lQ9EEADi^^HHH]922C6EK]4@>^FD\?6HD^a_`h\_f\_f^EJ\2CE:4=6^]AC6>:F>^E96\3:8\5:776C6?46\36EH66?\93 @D\[email protected]:2\2?5\E96\@C:8:?2=\:DC26=:\G6CD:@?^_____`f7\57`e\57h4\2`f7\77` 6e355____Q E2C86ElQ03=2?6?2>6]k^Am

kAms6DA:E6 E96 [email protected]’D [email protected]=2C:EJ[ k2 9C67lQ9EEADi^^HHH]?JE:>6D]4@>^a_aa^_a^ag^2CED^E6=6G:D:@?^[email protected]:2\D62D@?\7:?2=6\D2>\=6G: ?D@?]9E>=Q E2C86ElQ03=2? 92D 366? =6G6=65k^2m 2E {6G:?D@? [email protected]:ED D66>:?8=J 8C2EF:[email protected] 2?5 8C2A9:4 [email protected]=D @7?F5:EJ 2?5 D6I[ A2CE:4F=2C=J [email protected] 2 [email protected] [email protected] E66?286CD]k^am

kAmqFE D6G6C2= 42DE >6>36CD @? E96 [email protected] 92G6 DE2E65 E96J’G6 76=E 4@>[email protected]=6 H:E9 E96 2>@F?E @7 ?F5:EJ[ [email protected]:?8 E96C6 92G6 2=H2JD 366? :?E:>24J 4@@C5:[email protected] @? D6E 4@?7:C>:?8 E96:C D276EJ 2?5 4@>[email protected]] $E:==[ 2E =62DE [email protected] k2 9C67lQ9EEADi^^HHH]52K655:8:E2=]4@>^7:=>\EG^2CE:4=6^ddcgg^`^[email protected]\[email protected]:2\24EC6DD6D\5:D4@>[email protected]\ ? F5:EJ\D2>\=6G:?D@?\DJ5?6J\DH66?6Jn2>Al`Q E2C86ElQ03=2?6>36CDk^2m – $J5?6J $H66?6J[ |:?<2 z6==J[ [email protected] r96CCJ[ 2?5 |2CE92 z6==J – 92G6 D2:5 E96J AFD965 324< 2E E:>6D H96? E96J 76=E ?F5:EJ H2D?’E ?646DD2CJ]k^am

kAm$H66?6J[ H9@ A=2JD r2DD:6 [email protected] @? E96 [email protected][ 92D AC2:D65 {6G:?D@? [email protected] >2<:?8 96C 766= 4@>[email protected]=6]k^am

kAm“%96C6 2C6 >>>6?ED H96C6 r2DD:6 H2D [email protected] E@ 36 D9:CE=6DD 2?5 x [email protected]=5 E6== $2>[ ‘x 5@?’E C62==J E9:?< E92E’D ?646DD2CJ 96C6]’ w6 H2D =:<6[ ‘~z[ H6 5@?’E ?665 :E[’” $H66?6J k2 9C67lQ9EEADi^^HHH]:?56A6?56?E]4@]F<^2CED\6?E6CE2 :?>6?E^EG^762EFC6D^DJ5?6J\DH66?6J\H9:E6\[email protected]\[email protected]:2\3`hhf_dg]9E>=Q E2C86ElQ03=2?<6 $2> 92D AFD965 :E @? >6 @C H2D ECJ:?8 E@ 86E 2 ?F56 D46?6:?E@ 2? wq~ [email protected]](96? x 5:5?’E H2?EE@ 5@:E[ 96 5:5?’E >2<6 >6]”k ^ Am

kAm“%96 x5@=” H:== 2:C @? wq~2?5 DEC62>@? |2I[ [email protected]>6C=J wq~ |2I[ @? yF?6 c]k^am


kAm™ U2>Aj © a_ab r23=6 }6HD }[email protected]<[ x?4][ 2 (2C?6C [email protected]] s:[email protected] r@>A2?J]p== C:89ED C6D6CG65]k^Am

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