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Things are falling apart for Ashley (Jasmine Cephas Jones) in the Season 2 finale of STARZ’s Blindspotting. In the episode “Return to Ithaca”, she is ostracized by the entire Turner family after it comes to light that she cheated on her incarcerated husband.

In the exclusive TV Insider clip above, Rainey (Helen Hunt) confronts Ashley for cheating on her son. “You know, Miles’ dad cheated on me for years,” Rainey begins. “So excuse me if I’m not super sympathetic to the idea of ​​you getting drunk and f***ing your marriage while my son is in prison.” Although she says it was just a kiss, Rainey can’t be too sure and doesn’t care; she is only interested in her son. “Yeah, I know that’s it,” Ashley bursts out. “‘Well, hey Ashley, I’m kind of your mom too!’ Yeah, my mom would have loved that. Ashley says she just made a mistake and feels terrible. When Rainey says “Fine”, Ashley angrily asks her to go now, but Rainey says she can’t because she’s really like her child.

Trish (Jaylen Barron) and Jacque (April Absynth) deal with the fallout of her revelation, and Earl (Benjamin Turner) gets a surprising call.

Season 2 picked up nine months after Ashley and Miles’ prison nuptials in the season 1 finale.

“Ashley does backflips to try and raise Sean on her own,” the official synopsis reads. “She’s reaching her breaking point and lashing out at everyone around her. Miles is adjusting to life indoors and counting the days until their first weekend of visiting family in San Quentin. Rainey tries his best to make Ashley and Sean feel at home while trying to find a way to stay in touch with his son behind bars, but Ashley holds all the cards.

“Trish’s new business is thriving, but she’s facing jealousy issues now that her best friend and business partner Jacque is dating Cuddie. Janelle grows increasingly frustrated with Ashley’s constant need for support and begins to regretting his life in Bali. And then, of course, Earl, fresh out of jail himself for unwittingly breaking his probation, left Nancy’s house and is trying to reestablish a relationship with his own family and past. Welcome to the test.

Blindspotting, Season 2 Finale, Friday, May 26, 9/8c, Starz

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