Google’s Chrome desktop web browser gets new customization features

Google Chrome has rolled out a new update for desktop computers. The latest updates to Chrome on the desktop bring improvements and make it easier to customize the look of your browser to your specific preferences. The new personalization features of Google’s Chrome desktop web browser offer different themes and colors and recommend customization options that users will like.

According to Google, Chrome desktop users are the only ones currently able to use these new customizations. One can now try out different colors, themes, and settings in real time by opening a new tab in Chrome and clicking the “Customize Chrome” icon in the lower right corner. A new side panel will also bring a lot of customization features. Desktop users will be able to test out various features and easily see how they will appear on their New Tab page as changes are made without having to worry about saving their work, as the side panel will remember your customization changes to the extent that.

The latest Google Chrome update contains hundreds of images in different categories that you can easily browse from the side panel by clicking “Change Theme”. From categories such as “Landscapes” to “Seascapes”, you will find countless images where you can choose the perfect option for you. Moreover, by selecting any collection of themes and enabling the “Refresh daily” button, you can enjoy a rotating background if you have difficulty choosing a single image.

On top of that, you can use profiles to separate your personal and work accounts, consider giving each profile a distinctive background and color to help you tell them apart. Black Artists Collection, Latino Artists Collection, LGBTQ Artists, Native American Artists, and LGBTQ Artists are some of the new categories Chrome users can choose from when selecting a background image. -plan.

Your themes can also be customized with different colors. Additionally, choose a theme and the browser changes its color accordingly. You can also choose a different color on the overview page if the default doesn’t work for you.

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