Global Healthcare Leaders to Discuss Digital Transformation Strategies at Virtual Open-Mic Event

Get implementation insights and advice from health informatics experts

Vermont Business Magazine The digital transformation of healthcare systems is an exciting prospect for patients, healthcare providers, healthcare entities and governments. Yet the path to implementation is often far from clear to decision-makers tasked with rolling it out in their health systems.

Several healthcare IT leaders from around the world will each spend five minutes sharing their insights and experiences with digital health adoption – what has worked and what hasn’t, and what is needed for a transition. more transparent.

Hosted by Burlington THINK®this event is a forum for all voices on important and challenging topics related to global health technology and is open for registration of attendees or speakers.


Moderated by Bobby Jefferson, Vice President and Global Head of Diversity, Equity, Engagement and Inclusion at DAI Global Health.

Eight to ten global health informatics professionals, including:


The Global Health Open Mic is a sixty-minute virtual event open to the public. Register to speak or attend here:


Thursday, September 15, 2022 at 9:00 a.m. ET/3:00 p.m. CAT

THINK®The mission of is to make clinical intelligence technology universally accessible so that anyone, anywhere can make better healthcare decisions for themselves and their community. Based in Burlington, Vermont, THINKMD’s clinical intelligence technology helps any user identify a person’s degree of illness, their possible illness, and the appropriate next steps to take. The scientifically validated technology, which also addresses the COVID-19 pandemic, uses guidelines consistent with the World Health Organization (WHO). THINKMD empowers users, healthcare delivery organizations and governments with learned data that informs accurate clinical and public health decision-making. THINKMD is currently active in 10 countries (Bangladesh, Indonesia, Zambia, Kenya, Togo, Sudan, Somalia, Nigeria, South Africa and USA). Learn more about

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