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George Clooney says there’s “no downside” to being married to Amal.

The 61-year-old actor married human rights lawyer Amal Alamuddin, 44, in 2014 and later had twins Alexander and Ella, four, with her and insisted and paid tribute to his “magical” wife a few days before. they celebrate their eighth birthday on Tuesday (27.09.022.)

He said: “Eight years! And they said it wouldn’t last. Everything about my wife is kind of magical, because I think everyone realized that by seeing her, hearing her and hearing what she stands for. There’s just no downside to her!”

Meanwhile, the ‘Gravtity’ star was asked about the ‘moral code’ he and his wife hope to instill in their own children and explained that he wants his little ones to learn to ‘be careful’ of others and to “challenge with power”. “

He told ETOnline: “The same thing that I think everyone wants to instill in their children, really. Which is to pay attention to other people. In my family, the rules were always ‘Challenge people with power, stand up for people with less power. And if you can do that, you’ve had a great life.”

George currently stars alongside ‘Pretty Woman’ actress Julia Roberts in the romantic comedy ‘Ticket to Paradise’ and noted that she is a ‘really good friend’ to him and the whole family, joking that he couldn’t “get rid of” her.

He said: “Julia is a very good friend. She and all of her family are friends. I love all of their family. She lived below us and she literally came to take the kids for ice cream with my wife. [Now] I can’t shake her!”

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