Gadgets that will help you realize your dream of playing like a professional cricketer

Cricket runs in Indian blood, Bleed Blue as we call it. As this IPL season is fast approaching, everyone is super excited to participate, whether watching the game or playing your own matches. While the former is always an easy option, the way we all aspire to play as our favorite cricketer is beyond imagination! With the introduction of new gadgets in the sports industry, here are some gadgets that can help you improve your batting game this IPL season –

str8bat is an IoT and data science-based technology that enables aspiring and professional cricketers to access real-time actionable insights by recording, analyzing and improving every aspect of the stick and connecting them to the best coaches of the world.

The str8bat sensor allows a cricketer’s bat to communicate with coaches and players in a language they understand. This is what makes gamers of all skill levels excited about this product. The str8bat cricket bat sensor is placed behind the bat and it captures movement without cameras. The ultra-lightweight sensor records real-time keystroke data and also provides a 360-degree 3D view of all your shots.

In addition to providing information about your bat speed, impact speed, bat timing, bat lift angle, sweet spot percentage, etc., the str8bat sensor provides you with based on data on your own typing. str8bat gives its users leverage to improve their batting and compare themselves to elite players around the world. Coaches and players can access instant visual insights using str8bat’s algorithm and analysis solutions on their smartphones.

Thousands of cricket players and coaches have already benefited from str8bat technology including Rajasthan Royals, Cricket Australia and many cricket academies and clubs. Budding cricketer stars (and anyone looking to improve their batting) from over 350 cities and towns across India are using the str8bat sensor to gain insights that were never available before.

BatSense by aims to mix data analysis with raw performance and provide an in-depth look at everything that happens on the pitch.
The technology can be used by attaching a Puck, which weighs between 15 and 25 grams, to the bat’s handle, allowing it to record the required data. The puck helps to highlight several facets, especially since these are often overlooked when trying to correct a batsman’s technique. The device is integrated with the SmartCricket app which provides a detailed analysis of the player’s techniques and style of play. The SmartCricket app can be used by players as well as coaches, allowing players to analyze their game and even connect with a coach and get advice from the coach in real time. Coaches can, on the other hand, connect with their player(s) and guide players in real time wherever they are.

Spektacom by Anil Kumble has an ultra-light, thin bat sensor with hassle-free connectivity via Bluetooth. A rechargeable device, the Spektacom Bat Sensor only takes 2 hours to fully charge. The device is then attached to the bottom of your bat towards the curved side.
This sensor can be used by aspiring cricketers, coaches, parents and even professional cricketers to analyze and improve their games.

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