Four arrested in Vallejo commercial robbery

VALLEJO – Three suspects were arrested after foot chases on I-80 and a fourth got inside a getaway vehicle that crashed in a robbery at a Vallejo business on Saturday .

Vallejo police say they received a 911 call reporting multiple people were robbing a closed business in the 2100 block of Springs Rd.

When officers arrived, they saw three men enter a black Infiniti FX35 parked in front of the company entrance and quickly leave the scene.

A short chase ensues before the driver loses control of his vehicle and the car collides with a fence. Three adult men exited the vehicle and fled on foot.

They ran toward I-80 trying to evade capture. Two men ran across the freeway and were stopped on the other side of the freeway by responding officers.

The third man was captured after tripping while running towards the on-ramp. A grown man stayed inside the car and turned himself in to police.

The business manager told police the thieves caused more than $4,000 in damage to his building and stole goods worth more than $12,000.

A search of the Infiniti found the stolen merchandise in the trunk.

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