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The Channel 4 documentary series gave viewers a comprehensive insight into how the dreams of young footballers are made or dashed behind the doors of a professional football academy. After the youngsters of Crystal Palace, the fourth episode will focus on how coaches deal with over-enthusiastic parents desperate to see their kids make it big. However, tonight’s episode (September 1) sees the coaches take matters into their own hands when a dad’s input gets in the way.

Mo is the dad in question who can’t wait to see his 11-year-old son, Shy, rise through the ranks and become one of the first stars in the Asian Premier League.

With Shy making waves at the academy, her and her father’s dreams are within touching distance, but that seems in jeopardy when Mo’s behavior on the sidelines becomes an issue.

At games and even in training, Dad Mo can be seen shouting advice and tactics at his son, even though it directly contradicts what his coaches want.

And episode four will see how the coaches handle this, inviting Mo to the office for a chat to stop distracting Shy.

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“There are just a few things from you that we would like to change a bit,” Crystal Palace manager Jake told Mo.

He continued: “As for when Shy plays in practice…I know you like to watch and I know you want to see what’s going on.

“I think sometimes from the touchline there is information that goes directly against what we say,” adds the coach, punching Mo hard.

Mo takes a moment to compose his answer but ends up agreeing with the coaches on his behavior.

Echoing the coaches’ words, Mo agrees and, in an effort not to risk his son’s future at the academy, concedes, “I’m going to change.”

Mo even goes so far as to tell them that he will stop coming to practice, leaving Shy to listen and play as the coaches prefer.

“I just have to let go,” admits Mo before thanking the coaches for their heart to heart.

As he leaves, he reunites with Shy and announces that he will no longer be attending her practice sessions.

In a touching moment, Mo admits he needs to stop acting “crazy” and he pledges to let his son play.

Speaking to the camera, Mo adds: “I think football has been a way for me and Shy to have a special, unique relationship.

“I feel bad and I can see it breaking him. I’m supposed to be the one protecting him, not the one creating the pressure.

Football Dreams The Academy continues tonight at 9pm on Channel 4.

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