Essentials for your first apartment

Baltimore – Moving into an apartment can cause a flurry of emotions, but having a list of what you need can start to ease the stress. When I was preparing to move, I also started gathering a few small items like disinfectant wipes, detergent, towels, sheets, etc. in a tub. It helped me not to need everything at once. However, these are a few things that made my move and stay in your new home easier!

Toolbox !

Having a toolbox was never on my radar, but I quickly realized I needed the basics at least. It seemed that suddenly a screwdriver was needed for everything! I love this toolbox because it’s small, has the basics, and is the perfect storage size.

Bag for grocery bags

If you’re familiar with the grocery bag drawer under the sink, you know how hectic it can be. Although I recommend using reusable bags when grocery shopping, if you forget or don’t use them, you know how easily grocery bags can fill up an area. This bag keeps them all in one place and out of the way.

Who is here??

Knowing who is knocking at your door is so important, especially when you live alone. I love the Ring because you can see who’s at your door from your phone. It also lets you know about any other activity around your door that can provide an extra sense of security.

pasta saver

If only I could explain how my hands shook when trying to strain pasta into a pan. This gadget has made my life easier and saved so many pieces of pasta from falling down my drain. It’s also adjustable, making it easy to fit on just about any pot.

So fresh and so clean!

I live next to this Swiffer, it combines a card and a vacuum, so you just have to buy one. It literally captures everything that makes it easier to maintain my living space. It charges quickly and stays charged for a while. It is also compact and easy to store.

These are just a few things that made my life easier when I moved into my first apartment that I haven’t seen on other listings. As you settle in, you’ll find things you’ll want and need for convenience. Good luck!

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