Entertainment is all I was born for – Blessing Adewole

Blessing Ohiku Adewole is an aspiring Nollywood actress who doubles as a French language tutor and emcee. She explained to ROTIMI IGE why she is passionate about entertainment, among other things.

About me

I am known as Miss Big, Bold and Beautiful. I was born in Ivory Coast in 1983, but I grew up and studied in Kaduna in Barnawa. I worked for a while in banking after which I moved to Ibadan with my family and became a French language tutor in various part time schools till date.

How I got into entertainment

My interest in entertainment started since I was in elementary school. I grew up in a social environment, so there was a strong passion in me that loved entertainment. I remember having participated in many competitions at the time. I said doing plays and comedy shows with Kingsley, popularly known today as Funny Bone in school. Entertainment makes me happy and fulfilled.

Entertainment Influences

I was influenced by many stars, especially in Nollywood; Hilda Dokubor, Kuti Jaiye, Late Mrs. Rachel Oniga, Patience Ozorkwo etc.

What other projects are you in?

I like to perform, present on some online radio stations especially in broken English, I host programs, birthdays, weddings and much more. I’m also a DJ, having learned that from my husband who is also an artist. I love to dance and I also sell organic beauty products and a French tutor. All this makes me happy and I am fulfilled doing what I love the most.

Films in which you participated…

I made a few films, notably with Iroko’s ROKtv. I played in films like ‘Oblele’, ‘Eccentric’, some series with Oreofe Williams, ‘Cry’. I was the makeup artist in exclusive love with Tunji Damola by faith twist.


There were so many sleepless nights, sometimes I go there with my children, which was not easy but I wanted them to have the experience too.

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