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Emily Andre isn’t ruling out having a third baby with hubby Peter Andre.

The busy doctor also opened up about how quitting drinking helps her manage her busy life and why she promotes the importance of having vitamins as part of a balanced diet.

Emily, mum to Amelia, eight, son Theo, five, with father-of-four Pete, 49, told Mirror Online on Thursday (01.09.22) of the possibility of having another child with the ‘Mysterious Girl’ singer: “I’m not ruling it out. Right now, I just feel like Theo has started school and I’m thinking, ‘Oh, that’s so good’.

“There are no plans for children at the moment. Maybe, at some point in the future, but at the moment I really like my job. I love being a mom and I’m really happy .

Emily has admitted she can suffer from ‘mum guilt’ as she juggles her difficult job with the NHS and childcare.

Emily added an abstinent lifestyle after giving up alcohol almost 10 years ago.

She quit drinking after having daughter Amelia and said she only had a sip of champagne when she married Pete in 2015.

Emily said: ‘No alcohol passed my lips – apart from the cooking. I’m quite sociable, quite talkative so I don’t really miss it in a social situation. I definitely don’t miss the hangover or the taste. I kind of thought, ‘I’m doing this for the social pressure.

“I never really started again. I don’t look back. It made me feel so much better, I feel so much happier and I sleep better.

Pete also gave up alcohol shortly after Emily, with the doctor adding: ‘He thought, ‘I’m not going to go buy a bottle of wine and have it on my own’.

“He really followed me and we both realized it was a positive thing for us. For our health and just in general. It wasn’t for a moral thing or anything like that.

“I have no problem with people drinking, I just realized it wasn’t something I needed in my life.”

Emily’s latest health mission is to highlight how Britons should eat a balanced diet high in iron and vitamin B12, as spokesperson for the Health Development Council’s ‘We Eat Balanced’ campaign. agriculture and horticulture.

It comes after research showed that 35% of women surveyed said they had been diagnosed with iron deficiency.

Emily said: “The fact that so many women and girls are already affected by low iron levels or suspect they may be iron deficient is concerning as iron is an important mineral involved in a variety of bodily functions including help support the immune system and symptoms. – including fatigue and lack of energy – can impact daily life.

“What better way to bring attention to this issue than by turning myself into a real iron woman for the day in support of AHDB’s We Eat Balanced campaign.

“A balanced diet is key to helping us get the wide range of nutrients our bodies need, and there are plenty of cost-effective options out there as well.”

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