EduHealth Caravan bringing together mobile health units

COLUMBUS – Mobile health units are expected to arrive on the west side of Columbus this weekend.

Columbus City Schools, in partnership with Nationwide Children’s Hospital, Primary One Health and Spectrum News 1, are hosting the EduHealth Caravan.

What you need to know Full health checks including vaccinations will be provided

The goal of the EduHealth caravan is to break down barriers to healthcare

The event is on Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at La Plaza Tapatia

The goal is to break down the barriers that many have in accessing health care. Health officials say housing and food insecurity, as well as on-and-off insurance may be some of those barriers. Thus, the health care community will provide access to care on site in the mobile care units of La Plaza Tapatia.

Dr Sara Bode said they provide adults and children with the comprehensive care they would typically receive during a regular doctor visit, including “screening for their weight, diabetes, asthma… for all of these conditions that adults sometimes have to manage as well as catch up on any necessary vaccinations.

Grocery store supervisor Jesus Arguello said the event was very important.

“A large majority of our Latin American population has certain fears or doesn’t know where to go,” he said. “The lack of information is great and having this type of event so close, with the large influx of customers that we constantly have, is very important.”

He added that barriers make things more difficult.

“As if we have to go to the doctor and they don’t speak our language, that door is closed to us and we are afraid to go back,” he said.

While the store primarily serves the Latino community, Arguello said people from all over come to shop there.

Bode said as a result, it is an opportunity for many who live in the area and have immigrated from another country to obtain the resources to navigate life.

The EduHealth Caravan is on Saturday March 18 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at La Plaza Tapatia.

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