Downtown West is gearing up for a busy but chilly weekend of sports and entertainment

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ST. LOUIS — Downtown St. Louis is gearing up for another busy but chilly weekend with the Battlehawks, CITY SC and other entertainment gathering crowds.

The freezing cold that set in on Friday will continue throughout the weekend. Despite this, the football stadium and much of the city center are expected to be inundated with people.

After big wins for the Battlehawks and CITY SC, the major crowds return on Saturday and converge at the same time.

The Battlehawks kick off will be at 6 p.m., and CITY SC will enter the field at 7 p.m. Not to mention a TobyMac concert at the Enterprise Center also at 7 p.m.

“Any increase in patrols that we may have from some of the other support units,” said Sgt. Charles Wall for the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department. “We will also have them this weekend for increased visibility, better traffic control and hopefully another good weekend.”

St. Louis public parking meters will automatically be set to dynamic pricing during events, which means you can save money by paying $5 for five hours.

If you’re tired of parking, MetroLink might be the move. All three sports venues are located near MetroLink stations in downtown St. Louis, making it easy to get there safely and avoid traffic.

“We’ve loved seeing sports fans wearing their team colors on trains over the past two weekends, and we expect to see sports fans riding public transit this weekend as well,” said said a MetroLink spokesperson.

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“We had to gear up so we didn’t freeze, so we got the little hats and the little scarves and so on,” said CITY SC fan Melody Green. “We have family coming, so we got it from them too, so we’re excited.”

“Prosperity for the city, more things to do, reasons people come here from all over the country,” said CITY SC fan Don Roe.

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