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LABETTE COUNTY, Kans. — Labette Community College (LCC) now has its own ambulance, thanks to the county health facility.

The Labette Santé Medical Center donated the ambulance to the LCC. This will allow the health sciences program to give students first-hand training — and the EMT program will create disaster simulations to give students hands-on experience.

Students from the LCC’s Graphic Design program created the ambulance’s wrap.

“Having this ambulance available will really help them get a feel for what it’s going to be like to work inside an ambulance. When driving an ambulance, the possibilities are truly endless as to what they can do,” said Ross Harper.

“We are delighted that this ambulance is offered to the college. It is a reflection of the history and the relationship that we have had with Labette Santé for many years. Brian Williams is the CEO. They have exceptional staff, provide quality health care for services here in southeast Kansas,” said Dr. Mark Watkins.

Administrators say their partnership with Labette Santé provides students with valuable experience and the ambulance is a publicity tool to increase enrollment.

“Just by having it in front, people realize that we have the health sciences building, but by doing a little more publicity on that side and saying you know, hey, what it’s about- it? Do you have a paramedic program? Do you have an EMT program? You know, building the enrollment on that will be really good,” Harper added.

According to the Kansas Department of Labor, there are approximately 148 EMT job openings each year.

“Students graduating from our programs find employment at a rate of about 95 percent around the 90s. In some cases, 100 percent find jobs in those respective fields,” Dr. Watkins said.

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