Colin Cowherd grills Cowboys for ‘bad business’ in offseason

Whether or not you agree with the decisions the front office has made since January, I think we can all say the Dallas Cowboys’ 2022 offseason has been pretty tumultuous. From potential starting offensive and defensive coordinators to Sean Payton rumors to trading Amari Cooper for pennies to multiple injuries, a plot arrived.

For the average human, it is safe to say that there has been good and bad. But FOX sports personality Colin Cowherd is not the average person. He is paid to give opinions. His take on the Cowboys’ offseason is that no other team in the entire league had a worse display of trade decisions than Dallas.

“Of the 32 teams in the NFL, no one from the end of last year until [yesterday] with this news had a worse offseason. And I don’t think it’s bad luck. I think it’s a bad deal.

Like many, Cowherd pointed out that this organization needed “a new, non-Jones eye” in the front office for any real change to be made. In seven months, the front office has seen this team lose both tackles, lose two productive wide receivers, lose a peak passer, continue to trust a declining Ezekiel Elliott, sit back as Michael Gallup recovers from an injury and losing a potential Gallup replacement in James Washington.

Colin Cowherd roasts Cowboys for ‘bad business’ offseason, says team needs new set on ‘non-Jones eyes’

What really frustrated Cowherd was that Jerry Jones’ response for a serious injury to Tyron Smith was to say the team is going through Elliott. How can an owner rely on a declining running back in 2022?

The front office, in Cowherd’s eyes, just hasn’t done enough to help this team. They knew about Smith’s durability issues. Cowherd explained that Prescott was a .500 quarterback his last two seasons in games without Smith. His passer rating went from 108 to 95.1 without the All-Pro tackle.

The FOX broadcaster draws parallels with other teams to show why this is a Cowboys-specific problem. Cowherd says teams often lose key players, but that doesn’t necessarily hurt the season. Why? Because of the coach and the quarterback.

The Green Bay Packers lost Jaire Alexander, David Bakhtiari and Za’Darius Smith last year and Aaron Rodgers still led them to a No. 1 seed. The Baltimore Ravens all but collapsed with positional losses important, but the combination of John Harbaugh’s training and Lamar Jackson’s ability kept them alive.

Cowherd thinks Prescott is decent but doesn’t trust Mike McCarthy. He doesn’t believe the two can save a losing team so much elements this offseason.

A comparison has been made that certainly will not sit well with Cowboys Nation.

“The Cowboys become the Raiders. With Al Davis aging and Jerry aging. They are disconnected. They play catch-up.


Do you agree with Cowherd or is this a gross exaggeration?

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